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Ozzie to the Cubs?

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ozzieg.jpgCLEVELAND - If Cubbie fan ever hoped - or feared - to have Ozzie Guillen switch sides of town and become the manager for their "Lovable Losers?'' Well, it would come with a few demands and at least one death.
The Sox manager addressed that without pulling any punches on Tuesday.
"I never be in Wrigley Field [as a manager],'' Guillen insisted. "I don't give a [crap]. I can't I say I don't like Wrigley Field? Why can't I express myself? It's like I don't like to eat chicken. Why I should I have to like Wrigley Field. Whoever gets upset about that? [Bleep] them. I don't like Wrigley Field. What's wrong with that? I don't say I don't like the Cubs. Just make it clear. I don't say I don't like the Cubs. I don't say I don't like the Cubs' organization. I just hate Wrigley Field. I wish I could do something about it. The Governor of Chicago, please, build another one. I don't' know why people make such a big deal that I don't like Wrigley field. I don't work for Wrigley Field. [bleep] it.
"First of all, to manage the Cubs, Jerry Reinsdorf has to be dead. Second, to go to that job, ... I'm not going to manage at Wrigley Field. I might manage the Cubs. No, not Wrigley Field. I hate that [bleepin'] place.
"Now I hate a couple guys working for the [bleepin] Cubs. And they have nothing to do with the front office.''
Oh Larry Rothschild, c'mon down.

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