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Ozzie lets critics of his lineup have it

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060520_brawl_vlarge_12p_widec.jpgThe Dewayne Wise-Brian Anderson debate became a touchy situation on Wednesday, as White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen made it very clear to fans and critics exactly who makes the lineup.
Guillen was asked what he thought about Wise since his early return off the 15-day disabled list, and after initially answering, "Terrible,'' it became classic Ozzie.
"But in the meanwhile, people in Chicago have to understand, the media, fans, this guy only played two games in the minor leagues to rehab,'' Guillen insisted, getting more animated. "It's not fair, but we had him come up for a reason, because somebody else got hurt. If [Carlos] Quentin didn't get hurt, believe me, Wise would still have some at-bats in the minor leagues. It's not his fault, his swing's not in good shape right now. It's my fault and I'm tired, really tired, of fans and media talking about Wise anymore.
"He played because I wanted him to play. He played because I made the stinking lineup. If they don't like it, that's not my problem. There's only guy I have to tell why I play Wise, [general manager] Kenny Williams. That's it. Every time I read it, all of the sudden they're in love with Brian Anderson. I like Brian. Some people tell me I hate Brian, I've got something against Brian. Please, I give this guy [Wise] at-bats because he needs it and I want to get him in hitting shape the best I can, the quickest I can.''
As for Anderson, the constant talk about him being in and out of the lineup is also getting old for him.
"I know how to deal with it more, but it's more frustrating than anything,'' Anderson said. "Obviously when you're swinging the bat well you want to be in there, but Dewayne came back from his injury and he shouldn't be penalized for getting hurt. At the same time, if you feel good, you want to play. I think that's just natural.''
It's also not lost on Anderson that there is debate in the court of public opinion on how fair of a chance the Sox have given him since he fell on his face in 2006.
"I'm just going with the flow.'' Anderson said. "I don't look into it too much because I think it's a lot of wasted energy. I appreciate the support of the fans, and then for the people that say I got my chance in '06, that's fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion, it doesn't bother me. At the same time, you want to look for consistency and that goes with playing and producing as much as possible.''
But how it all plays out, well, that is all Guillen's call.
"If they don't like it when Wise comes to hit, turn the TV off, turn the radio off or turn around and start walking towards the concession stand,'' Guillen added. "They don't have to watch him hit.''

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Whatever......everytime you get excited about this team they take three steps back, come home and crap the bed against an Oakland team where the whole lineup is hitting .150 and they run a rookie out there every day..the Sox stink

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