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Oz on Wrigley: 'I puke every time I go there'

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497882a41d856.jpgMILWAUKEE - Ozzie Guillen wasn't looking to make friends with Cubs fans that feel the need to defend Wrigley Field as some hallowed ground that should never be desecrated.
But what the Sox manager did want on Sunday was for them to at least respect his opinion.
"Oh, I don't care if they hate me, the don't feed my kids,'' Guillen said of the Cubbie faithful. "They hate me, that's cool. People, no matter how famous you are, they hate you or they love you. I see the other day they asked [Joe] Crede about the rats [in Wrigley], at least I have something that people can read and write and listen to, but I never put the Cubs fans down, I've always admired the Cubs office, I always made my feelings known about Cubs players, about the manager, about Lou [Piniella] now, [general manager] Jim Hendry and the way I respect them, a lot, a lot, but Wrigley Field? I puke every time I go there. I'm just being honest.
"If the Cubs fans don't like the way I talk about Wrigley Field ... I don't say anything about their fans, but Wrigley Field? They have to respect my opinion because that's the way I feel. A lot of great people are working there, the clubhouse people working there - I wish they had a better clubhouse, but besides that, it's exciting when the game starts. Of course it's exciting because that's one of the best, it's always crowded. But besides that, it's terrible.''
Guillen said that Cubs fans should have hatred for him if he singled out people in the organization, or players, or even the fans in general.
"I just tell you the truth,'' Guillen said. "If they hate me for that, I don't pay much attention to it. I'd rather have somebody say you hate the place you live, rather than the people who live on it. If I ever say I hate the players, the organization or the Cubs uniforms, then it's something bad. But when you say you hate the building, that's the stupidity of the people acting like 'I hate you because you don't like Wrigley Field.' If I say I don't like Derrick Lee or I hate Lou Piniella, there are a lot of reasons to hate me because that's part of their team. I just don't like going to the building. Besides that, a lot of nice people.
"Every time I walk to Wrigley Field, people treat me like a king. The people that work at Wrigley field, like the front office people, the security guards, the people who work there are very honest and treat me well. I just hate the building.''

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Why in the world would Ozzie take the trouble to alienate at least half of Chicago's baseball fans? Not all of us buy into that either-or mentality; some of us can hope for good things for either club. Not so much now though, thanks to Ozzie's little rant. What in the world could he have been thinking?

That's funny, because I puke everytime Ozzie goes to Wrigley, too.

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