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Oswalt was never an option

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Example_ScapularLoading_Good_RoyOswalt_2007_016.jpgKen Williams would like to comment in detail on all the trade talk surrounding Houston Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt.
Then again, the White Sox general manager insisted that he could only comment on something that had some sort of truth to it.
"I really prefer not to get into confirming or denying something because you tip your hand and if you tip your hand, you don't get anything done,'' Williams said on Monday. "But I'll make the exception so everyone can relax a little bit. I haven't talked to the Houston Astrrois about any pitching whatsoever.''
Williams was then asked about a Houston Chronicle story in which is was assumed that Oswalt would go the Jake Peavy route, using his no-trade clause to block a deal to the South Side.
"You want me to respond to something we haven't made an overture towards?'' Williams said. "He probably hasn't been asked the question and someone has written or talked about it as though it were something that was imminent or a reality. And it's not.''
The first manager Ozzie Guillen heard of the Oswalt rumors didn't even come from his GM. It came from his middle son, Oney.
"I just want to laugh because some people are making deals out there,'' Guillen said. "They aren't even close to being around us. The only guy who can get that thing clear is Kenny. Kenny is not going to lie to you guys. Kenny likes to do stuff, you know what I mean, and not make a big deal about it. When I see people who are not White Sox people saying we're going to make this move, we're going to make that move, I just laugh.
"I just find out when Oney text messaged me to ask me about it. The way we throw the ball and the way we do stuff, I don't think we need anybody right now.''
Williams did admit that Sox special assistant Bill Scherrer was watching Houston last week, but was there as part of his normal routine. What then happened was the media tried to make it fit into a nice little box, especially in the wake of the Sox' interest in acquiring Peavy.
"Billy Scherrer happens to be on his regular tour,'' Williams said. "I didn't even know he was in Houston. Because he's seen, there's an automatic assumption.
"I'm very sensitive about false hustle. The perception, during the offseason you see this more, clubs say they are going after this guy or that guy, and it's like, 'Really?' It's false hustle and misleading to your fan base.''

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