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Konerko on Sosa: 'Not a story'

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Konerko.jpgTeam captain Paul Konerko dismissed the Sammy Sosa steroid story as a non-story in his eyes, and gave an explanation why.
"First to me, it's just not a story,'' Konerko said. "Some guy writes an article, the sources aren't public. One of two things needs to happen: Either whoever is going to report, these sources, put your name behind it and put your face out there and tell people who you are. Or someone admits to it and that's what happened in the Alex Rodriguez thing.
"That's the only two ways that this becomes a story. Obviously, you guys are standing here so it's a story. But I just think that it's just sad it has come to the fact that news now is on reports, unnamed sources and that kind of stuff. It gives it a bad name for you guys [the media].''

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Konerka is what you would call "part of the problem", when he should be "part of the solution". In a nut shell that's why baseball has lost its credibility, the commissioner, the owners, the players, the union, baseball writers, sports television executives and the fans are all responsible for the mess that baseball finds itself in today.

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