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Guillen: No trades looming

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ozzie%20(mouthpiecesports_com).jpgThe White Sox are no strangers to being involved in the rumor mill, but on Tuesday, manager Ozzie Guillen insisted that all is quiet with his club, and quiet for a reason.
"It's because we're playing good,'' Guillen said.
But beyond the obvious, Guillen did say that as far as he was concerned, the current 25-man roster is good enough to take this team to where it set out when they broke spring camp. At the same time, he is confident that the failed Jake Peavy trade at least showed that general manager Ken Williams has the blessing from board chairman Jerry Reinsdorf to increase the payroll, and do so by taking on a large salary if need be.
"If the starting rotation is doing well ... but if the starting rotation isn't doing what they're supposed to do than the middle relievers become important, very important,'' Guillen said about his current roster. "Right now on the field, I have the guys that are doing what they're supposed to do.
"When you're playing good it's kind of hard [to think trade]. You ask me this thing two or three weeks ago, I would have wanted 20 guys out of the ballclub. Listen, if we have to make a move, it will be a move that had to be made. The chairman said yes to Peavy, which had a lot of money involved, then I have no doubt they will say yes to whatever Kenny presents. If there's something out there that will help this ballclub Kenny will do it, because the chairman already said yes with a lot of money involved.''
Guillen did have an hour-long conversation with Williams Sunday evening, but they only discussed baseball near the end of that talk and no trades were discussed.
"Believe me, [assistant GM] Rick Hahn, Kenny, myself, the coaches, we don't need to have a meeting to talk about it,'' Guillen said. "You see it every day. I talk to Rick and Kenny about it, and they will know better than me what we need and what can get done because they have an opportunity to watch 10 to 12 games upstairs [every night]. I watch one and the scoreboard. We haven't talked about [adding] anything.''

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Love how Peavy faces a good team last night and gets his ish handed to him then leaves after one inning because he has a cold...

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