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Guillen continues attacks on Wrigley, news on PK

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t1_ozzie_si.jpgMILWAUKEE - Manager Ozzie Guillen continued making sure he would be getting a warm welcome from the Wrigley faithful when the Sox play there next, again expressing his feelings about the "rat-infested'' Cubs ballpark on Friday.
"You asked the wrong guy about Wrigley field,'' Guillen responded, when asked by a local Milwaukee reporter about playing at Wrigley and old County Stadium. "I'd rather play on the moon than Wrigley Field.''

News on Konerko

After receiving a second shot in the last three months in his chronically injured right thumb, Paul Konerko said that he would be "surprised'' if he wasn't back in the starting lineup for Saturday's game with Milwaukee.
Guillen wasn't going to hold his team captain to that, but did say that Konerko was in the plans as far as the starting lineup went for Game 2 against Milwaukee.
"I'm not going to say he's playing [Saturday] because maybe he can't,'' Guillen said. "But the way he sounds, we're going to see what he can do. He's going to try to play.
"PK knows how he feels because he's been through this for three years. He knows when he feels good, when he feels bad. He knows when he gets up in the morning, 'Wow, it's a battle,' because he's sore. But he has to deal with that for the rest of his life, I guess.''

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That might not be a bad thing if the Sox played on the moon..with the lack of gravity they might be able to crank that team batting average over .250

The sox are back to their losing ways in short they are use to it and that's all they know how to do these days is lose. They'd probably shoot themselves if they had a five game winning streak. This is too old and slow and needs new people to fill the gap for the older players who are not living up to their potential to play ball. I feel sorry for Ozzie tht he has to put with a bunch of losers who refuse to play ball and win. This team is disgusting and that fits them well. The players can't hit and the pitching is so bad that i'd be sorry to come out and play if i was member of this team.

When Comiskey Park fell apart, the League President ordered the White Sox to move.

When Wrigley Field falls apart, the league president does nothing, because there is no league president anymore.

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