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Fire in the hole?

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497882a41d856.jpgThe fire in Ozzie Guillen's belly is just fine.
Evident by the fact that the White Sox manager even took time to stop at a T-shirt vendor's stand outside of Wrigley Field and buy a shirt depicting Guillen riding a lawnmower that read, "Ozzie mows Wrigley Field.''
It wasn't even a freebie, he had to dish out a $20.
But as far as the idea that both he and Cubs skipper Lou Piniella need more fire in 2009, Guillen had his own explanation for that.
"Well I think Lou is getting old and I'm getting poor. I'm broke,'' Guillen said. "Every year I donate too much money to Major League Baseball.
"I don't think we need it. One thing I follow in baseball is Lou's press conference. I never miss them, I never do. I think they're fun. And he treats you guys real good. He talks to you guys when he wants to talk to you guys. I say what I have to say the day we played poorly, I say that because of the way we were playing. Right now, I don't think we have to do it. When we have to do it, we're going out and doing it. Sometimes, it's like when your parents day in and day out all over you, and then all of a sudden the kids just start making fun of you and don't listen to you. You have to pick your spots how and when to say stuff, and how. I think right now we don't need to. Right now we know that both teams aren't playing the way they should be playing. I'll wait for a little while because I still believe that these guys can do it, and I don't think it's necessary right now to say stuff you don't have to.''
As far as if Guillen feels his tirades work with his players, well ...
"I don't give a [bleep] if they do,'' Guillen said. "That's my job. If they do it, they do it. If there's one thing about the players I have, they respect me, and I respect them. The love is mutual. I don't get paid to make friends, I get paid to manage a ballclub, and I will do the best I can to have the best of the two. I try to be the best friend I can be off the field, and on the field they are my players and I am the boss. I try to do the best I can to get the best out of them.
"I've got my style to do it, and it seems like they react real well. You ask any of my players, you ask J.D. [Jermaine Dye], or P.K. [Paul Konerko], Bobby [Jenks], I've got my way and they've heard it before. Every time I say something in the paper they know what's going on and they know why I said it.''

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Don't always agree with Ozzie but he is one of the more colorful managers in baseball. I lean to Chisox as a fan but disagree with Ozzie on his Wrigley take. Wrigley & Fenway the only two parks left that have lots of character plus lots of history made in both. Unfortunately both Chi teams need work to get into serious contention in 09.

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