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Fields questioning timing of Beckham call-up

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610x.jpgEven after a sit-down meeting with manager Ozzie Guillen, Josh Fields still wants answers from the organization.
Not only answers about his future, but what he felt was bad timing from the club to call up highly-touted prospect Gordon Beckham and handing him third base, making the entire situation "awkward.''
"As a player you go through a thing where you kind of have people that have confidence in you, your front office and your manager having confidence in you, and I really don't know this situation,'' Fields said. "It's been weird. Ozzie sat me down the other day and tried to go through it a little bit, but it's kind of hard to swallow I think. If I was still at .212 like I was for a while, it would be easier, but pulling my average up and the team getting into second place, it just kind of came surprising I guess.
"I asked [Guillen] a couple of questions, but I have more questions for [general manager] Kenny [Williams] and I haven't been able to actually sit down and talk to him. I know the draft is coming up and stuff, but we'll get to sit down here before long and we'll get to ask all of the questions that I need to.''
Asked if he was frustrated about the timing of the Beckham call up, Fields responded, "I think so.''
"Obviously they have their reasons,'' Fields said. "I'm just an employee, so I don't make decisions. But you can always look at things and say 'Why this, why that?' We're struggling now and I think everyone knows that, that's the truth. As a team and individually we were really struggling, but to then come back to within [3 ½] games ... I mean I would kind of consider this a big change, not just a small tweak. To be doing pretty well as a team at that time and then to make a big change, it's still kind of a question that I'll have to ask.''
Fields isn't even sure he'll like the answer, but at least he'll have one that eases his mind.
As it stands right now, all he can hope for is something gives. Whether that means him being traded or some other piece being moved, that remained unclear for the 26-year-old.
"Right now it's kind of sit and see how it plays out,'' Fields said. "I've been getting in there and playing some third, I played the DH the other day, so it's not like I've sat a whole bunch of games, Ozzie is still playing me. But it's kind of an awkward situation for everyone. Not only myself, but teammates as well. You don't want that to happen.
"I think something will happen pretty soon, whether it's, no telling, something like them getting rid of me or something like that for someone else that can possibly help the team. You never know. I don't think it will stay awkward for too much longer. They've won too long and know how to win, and they'll figure something out.''

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He gone!

Josh Fields is a good guy and a hard worker, but the only tears I'm shedding for him are of the crocodile kind. He swings at the first pitch too often, strikes out way too much ... and I don't know how many times I've seen him not being able to catch up to a 90-91 mph fast ball.

I've seen enough of him, Chris Getz and Dwayne Wise. Time for all three to go.

Kind of interesting he referred to 3rd as "his position." I understand that's where he plays but when you are suspect in the field at best and hit .240, I dont think you really have a position. This is the bigs, there's always someone trying to take your spot. He cost them game one today so if he keeps doing what he's doing, he wont have to worry much longer about where he stands.

Fields has a lot of nerve. He never did a darn thing to earn the 3B job in the first place. His strike-out rate has always been near the top strike-out rates in MLB HISTORY. He gets punched out nearly 35% of the time.
His defense is shoddy and he's done nothing but gain weight since the Sox drafted him in 2004. The only reason the guy even got the job in the first place is because Kenny Williams was determined to put him there because A) he was a first round pick and B) the Sox were too scared to re-sign Crede because Boras is his agent.

Josh Fields can NOT play regularly in the big leagues. Period.

I think its already been established that our minor league system was terrible during the time that Fields, Getz, et. al were in it..which is why they are terrible as major leaguers..nobody that came up thru our system prior to 2008 will ever be any good at anything...not hitting..not fielding..not curling...not roller skating...nothing..

Fields is a baby. Not only does he strike out way too much and have weak power numbers for a power hitter, but he is a TERRIBLE situational hitter. If someone needs to be moved over to 3rd with one out or a sack fly is needed with a man on 3rd, i usually just fast forward through Fields at bat with my dvr. And his defense is laughably worse than his offense. I'd like to trade him, but at this point I'm not sure how much the sox could get. Beckham hasn't even got a hit yet, and i'd rather have him or nix at 3rd everyday. At least they have some range and can field the ball.

Why would Josh Fields make comments about being traded so soon into Beckham's rookie season? Lets face it, Beckham still has a long road ahead of him before he's accustomed to Big League pitchers. Do I think Beckham will develop by the end of the year? Absolutely. But, they aren't going to deal Fields this soon. Beckham's been up for the weekend and still hasn't mustared his first big league hit yet. Fields is taking a backseat at the moment to give Beckham a chance to get used to it. If Beckham can get it together and put up numbers similar or better to Fields', then perhaps Fields in a deal for some pitching near the Allstar break is in store. But for now, he's simply in that backup role so that they can be sure about Gordon Beckahm in the immediate future.

Hey Josh, if you want to stay, shut up and STOP DROPPING THE DAMN BALL! Jeez! If I screwed up at my job and they brought someone in to maybe replace me, I know I'd shut my mouth, put my head down and work my ass off. What is so hard about this??

Fields just needs to shut up. He is bad in the field and even worse at the plate. obtw, do we really believe that Freddy would have gotten a minor league contract if he wasn't married to ozzie's niece? All Sox catchers better work on arm strength as there will be a lot of throws to second and third as runners continue to steal at will off of Freddy. I pray that I never see him in a Sox uniform again!

Perhaps his defense is terrible due to the extremely small glove in the picture.

All Josh Fields had to do this year was hit at least .250, drive in at least 75 runs and yield some decent leather. We're not expecting Crede though that would be nice. That error by Fields in game one was pathetic with the hobbled Cabrera rambling to 1st base. My ailing arthritic grandmother could have picked up that ball and wheeled it over to 1st base in time. Pathetic!

By Derek on June 9, 2009 8:02 AM

Perhaps his defense is terrible due to the extremely small glove in the picture.

lol. That's the first thing I thought when I saw that photo.

But seriously, if Josh's amazingly stupid whinefest to the media came after the 1st game of the doubleheader which you could easily argue he lost for the team - then he's dumber than I thought. If it came before the game, then he's just being a regular crybaby.

Anybody remember that time (during the offseason?) when the media reported that he was considering leaving baseball. It seems with Fields, when the going gets extra tough, he wilts.

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