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Thoughts from Ozzie

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Ozzie-Guillen-R.jpgTORONTO - A few words from manager Ozzie Guillen on a season gone very wrong so far.
"I watched a couple of innings. [Sunday], obviously I was busy. It was hard to watch. I'd rather be here suffering with the players and the coaching staff then be somewhere else, watching the way we're playing. Right now, we're having a really tough time. I really hope that no one starts pointing fingers on the ballclub. We lose as a ballclub. I don't want anyone down here to blame anybody. A lot of people say it's about the pitching, the hitting, no, it's about putting everything together and start winning games. The worst thing you can do is just give up and hope that something good happens. No, you've got to make it happen. You've got to come here every day and fight. Come here and do the best you can to get it going. How we're going to get it going? Well, that's our job to try and figure out how we're going to get this going. You say everything goes with the starting pitching, the starting pitching going well, but we're not hitting, we're not pitching, we're not making the plays. It's hard to win games when you don't put those three things together in a positive way. The worst thing that can happen is we start feeling sorry for ourselves or start wondering about our abilities, as a group - wonder can you manage, can you coach, can you hit ... we've been in this situation before and we overcame. In the meanwhile, I know there are a lot of desperate people out there, we are, but it's our job to keep those guys believing in what they could do, and hopefully for the best.''

And asked if he thought it would get this bad ...

"Besides not winning, we're playing bad baseball. We're making a lot of mistakes, pitching mistakes, hitting mistakes, baserunning mistakes, it's hard to win when you do that. When you're struggling and you can cut out those mistakes, you'll have a better chance. I watched a couple of innings, and Gavin was supposed to throw the ball away and all of a sudden it was in the middle of the plate. The difference between a good game and a bad game is maybe five or six pitches, and those pitches you're going to pay for. This is the wrong ballclub to make bad pitches against.''

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we have a chance tonight with mark pitching and the fact that the twinkies have also lost four in a row to the yanks. go sox!

Contreras threw a 1 hitter for Charlotte last night..time to swap out Floyd for him..

Every first pitch Scott Baker throws is a hanging slider or curve right over the middle of the plate, and every single hitter stands and watches it go by, if only the White Sox had some sort of employee whose job it is to notice such patterns and point them out to the hitters so they can adjust accordingly, something like a "hitting coach" i think, to coin a phrase..

oh and josh fields cant hit and cant field, other than that he's great..

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