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Quentin out !

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carlos1.jpgCLEVELAND - The hits just keep on coming.
After keeping a sore left heel quiet for the last three days, Carlos Quentin let the team know about the pain he was trying to play through, and has now been shut down until the team travels to Toronto for a weekend series with the Blue Jays.
"Carlos is feeling some pain in his heels and he is going to have a shot,'' Guillen explained on Tuesday. "He's having some heel problems for the last couple of days, and I think the doctor is going to check it out. He's going to get a couple days, get some medicine in there and hopefully he feels better. I'm more concerned about we're playing Toronto. He might pinch-hit today or tomorrow, but he's not going to start either game.''
The hope is that will change on Friday.
"Tomorrow is a day game, then we have [Thursday] off and Friday he will play,'' Guillen continued. "I will keep an eye on him because he was feeling that the last three days and he no say anything. I wish he would have said he was sore or I wish my players would be a little more open and say how they feel. Just because you have pain, you can't think, 'Oh, I want to play, it's a big series.' No, I don't want my players to take it that way. If they don't think they can be on the field, I would appreciate it if they would let me know. We know when guys are faking injuries, I been in this game long enough to know that.''

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Can someone please send Ozzie a memo that it's time to play Alexei in CF? There's no need for it to be permanent (unless Quentin's injury is actually much worse than it seems right now), but a starting outfield with Podsednik AND Lillibridge?!? Podsednik has a hit a few singles and is below average in Center. Lillibridge hasn't hit anything and is below average in Center. Nix has played well, so keep him at short and keep Alexei in Center until BA and/or Wise is fully healthy and can play every day. Then ship Lillibridge to the minors and keep Nix as utility infielder/alternative to Alexei if he can't break out of his slump. Also, how about playing Betemit at DH against lefties? Thome has looked ridiculously overmatched against lefties this year, and with his advanced age it would do him and the team well to sit more, especially since the only position in the field Betemit can play is 1st, but he does swing a good bat (better than Thome at this point). I'm not much of a betting man, but I'm tempted to find an online sports book just to bet on the Indians to win tonight. No way the Sox get a W with this lineup.

Isn't it wonderful that the organization thought so much of Jerry Owens and Dewayne Wise (that's the same Jerry Owens who was waived with NO TEAM claiming him)that in a buyer's market this off season they wouldn't even consider Willy Tavaras or make a deal for Coco Crisp.

Maybe if they did some of their issues wouldn't have been so severe.

And I agree Brent Lillibridge is a waste of a roster spot (and I can think of two or three others who fall into the same category)

Mark Liptak

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