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Peavy deal is dead

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jake.jpgAnd just like that the dream for the White Sox is dead.
A source close to the Jake Peavy camp has said that the pitcher has notified the San Diego Padres that he will not accept the trade to the South Side, killing the deal that would have sent four players West and put Peavy in black and white.
There is no indication of the Padres have notified the Sox yet, but his team knows.
The Peavy talk has been a whirlwind since early this morning, when the San Diego Union-Times broke the story that the veteran was called into the office of manager Bud Black and asked if he would push his no-trade clause to the side and play for the Sox.
The pitcher spoke to Sox reliever Scott Linebrink about the Sox and manager Ozzie Guillen, gathering as much information as he could.
According to the source, Linebrink did a good selling job, and it seemed Peavy was leaning toward accepting the trade, but after an evening of thinking about it, as well as talking with his family, he was not ready to leave San Diego for an American League team.

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At least let us dream a while longer.

Is this as accurate as lumping me up in steroid accusations?

I hope Pevey stays in San Diego for his entire career, or gets traded to the Cubs and the futility continues for another 100 years!!!

Peavy is happy facing teams that have Bengie Molina hitting cleanup 20 times a year...doesnt want to go the AL because the hitters are too good..what a coward...glad we didnt get him...wish you nothing but the worst Frog Boy

Nice article, but I believe that the paper is the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Way to go Jake! If we can't get you, then nothing quite like seeing the Cubbies and the Big Z take one on the chin from you Jake Peavey! Go Sox!!

It is obvious that Peavy intends to force the Padres to trade him to the Cubs. They will probably get him for next to nothing because he has all the leverage, the Padres have none.

he is a white sock now.

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