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Ozzie goes off; Danks rips Toronto fans

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497882a41d856.jpgTORONTO - Not only is a new-look lineup coming Saturday, but manager Ozzie Guillen had some further choice words for those that are calling for the head of White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker following the 8-3 loss to Toronto.
"[Saturday] we'll have a lineup change,'' Guillen said. "I'm going to [bleeping] play [coaches] Bainesy [Harold Baines], Joey Cora and Greg Walker. We might have a better chance. At least, you know what, we're not going to strikeout that [bleeping] much, I guarantee that. Any team, no matter how good you are, you're not going to win striking out that many times.''
As far as his feelings for Walker ...
"At least they kicked our ass pretty quick. I'll take that,'' Guillen first said, when told the game lasted just over two hours and twenty minutes. "They didn't kill me little by little, they gave me one shot and kicked me out of the ballpark.
"A lot of people blame Greg Walker, that's a bunch of shit. This guy is here every day, 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock working with the players. He's out there working with the players, out there giving them the information, trying to figure out ... we just don't get it done. Don't blame Walk. All the fans out there that think they know about hitting, don't blame Walk. If they're going to blame Walk, blame me for giving Walk the job. I've seen in the past that when the coaches don't work for me the way they should be working, they're gone. Walk works his tail off every day to get those players better. Whoever wants to blame Walk out there, they better not waste their energy because it's not Greg Walker's fault.''
Guillen was pressed twice on getting the offense going, and did offer this up: "How? It's my job to figure out how. We're going to make a few changes in the lineup to see how, but that's my 39th different lineup I've made this year. When your manager changes the lineup every day, it's not a good sign of a winning ballclub.''
Finally, there were a few eye-openers from starting pitcher John Danks, with the first coming after he was asked if he was tipping his pitches or were the Jays somehow knowing what he was going to throw.
"We will [watch the video], but for right now we'll sit here and wonder what happened,'' Danks said.
At least he left the game with some dramatics. Upon leaving, Danks was getting it from the Blue Jays fans sitting above the visiting dugout, and mockingly gave them a tip of his cap.
"These fans ... I don't want to get in trouble, they are hockey fans, call them that,'' Danks said, watching his words carefully. "They were getting on me pretty good and it was just kind of my way of kind of slapping them back in the face, I guess you could say.''

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The bad news is that we are currently playing all-around like s#*t. The good news is that we are only 2.5 out of first. This can and will be turned around. Go Sox!

The bad news is that we are currently playing all-around like crap. The good news is that we are only 2.5 out of first. This can and will be turned around. Go Sox!

Same crappy players batting in a different sequence..that'll help

This game is unwatchable as a Sox fan 2007 flashback

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