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'No' to Bonds and 'not right now' to Pedro

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Asked last week if Barry Bonds would be a Plan B for Jim Thome if the White Sox slugger's heel injury turned into something worse, general manager e-mailed a one-word reply - a resounding "No.''
Manager Ozzie Guillen wasn't as adamant when Pedro Martinez's name came up for a possible Plan B if Jose Contreras continued to struggle, but the answer was still the same.
"Pedro Martinez was mentioned in spring training, but just because a couple of his friends called me, and my job is to give Kenny the information,'' Guillen said on Tuesday. "But that's it, no, Pedro, no, not right now. I don't know if we're going to because that's Kenny's decision, but right now that's not on my mind.''
With Contreras making a huge start on Thursday - possibly his last start before a demotion to the bullpen - the team actually doesn't have a Plan B. At least one that excites them.
Guillen discussed a few more possible scenarios, and again didn't seem thrilled with either one.
"Plan B would be Jose,'' Guillen said. "I think Richard threw the ball better [Monday], but he hasn't impressed me enough to be the guy. Something maybe in the future, yes, but right now we're still fighting for the pennant race. Right now, I don't have the right answer. Right now, a couple people have dropped a couple of names, but I don't think those names fit the best. If we have to make a move I will do it, if it will help the ballclub I will do it. Will it be Richard? I don't know yet.''
Fresh off a five-inning, rain-shortened no hitter for Class AA Birmingham, top prospect Aaron Poreda also wasn't a real consideration.
"I think Poreda, he's not ready,'' Guillen said. "I don't think this kid right now is ready to be in the big leagues. I don't think we're doing a favor for him or the ballclub to bring him up. We have to take it easy with that guy. That's our future.''

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