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Konerko - 'We're just not good right now, that's it.'

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CXS104_Indians_Whit_8503536.jpgCLEVELAND - Who said Paul Konerko wasn't the type of leader that could lay down the law?
Following the team's major-league leading sixth shutout of the season on Wednesday, the team captain pulled no punches with what's going on with the defending Central Division champs, insisting, "We're just not good right now, that's it.''
"Well you need to score runs in the American League,'' Konerko said after the 4-0 loss to Cleveland. "Any team that scores three runs or less except the team with the best pitching is going to have a horse[bleep] record. That's the way it is. But to answer your question, we ask how do we get it better, how do we score runs? It's not an easy answer because it's not one of those things where you can say, 'Hey, let's all go out there and swing for the fences.' It's one of those things where every hitter has to look at himself and say, 'OK, what do I do well, what makes me tick?' And try to focus on that.
"When you think about it baseball is a bunch of little individual jobs put together to have a good game, and that's what we're not doing right now. We're not putting it together, we're not putting anything together, really. It's not like other sports when you could say, 'OK, let's go defense, let's go offense,'' and everyone has kind of the same flow, it's just not like that. We all need to get better. Every guy on this team has something they can do better. That's where it starts. You have to look at yourself and say, 'What can I do to be a part of the solution?' That's it. We're working right now, I'd like to tell you that guys aren't going about it right, but everybody is doing it right.''
Konerko has insisted time and time again that a team can't be judged until June 1, but with the Sox now losers of eight of their last 11 games, and on some nights completely disappearing offensively, well a frightening message is being sent three weeks earlier that Konerko would like it to be sent.
"I'm glad we got to June because it buys us more time,'' Konerko replied, when asked if he had a feel for his team yet. "I don't want to have to answer that question now because we're not going anywhere right now.
"As a player you try and find the positives, and that's what I'm trying to do. This game comes at you almost every day - we have an offday [Thursday] - but we play almost every single day. So as a player you can try and look at what's wrong in your self or the team, but the game is coming at you the next day. You have to be ready. I understand that [the media] and other people kind of have the job to find the negative and what's wrong with this team or that team, and right now there are a lot of things you can point to, up and down the line, front to back, we got a lot of issues right now. But as a player that can be on call come Friday, it does you no good to worry about it. You have to say, 'OK, I have to be ready for Friday,' and start building blocks like that.
"That's really the only way to help when you're on a team, knowing what your job is and keep focusing on that. We're not stupid, we know there are a lot of things going on right now that aren't good, but if we keep worrying about those things that aren't good, it's going to get worse. It's not easy, it's a tough game. We just got to keep fighting.''

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Fire Kenny Williams. He put this crap together. Over the hill players with young, no-talent losers. Fire Ozzie next.

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