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Dotel speaks out !!

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39478470.jpgThey are from the same city in the Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo.
They are only one year apart.
If there was one person to run to the defense of Manny Ramirez and his 50-game suspension by Major League Baseball for a banned substance on Thursday, it should be White Sox reliever Octavio Dotel.
So it was a bit shocking when Dotel not only blasted Ramirez, but all of the Latin American players that have also been banned the past few seasons, calling them "stupid.''
In other words, Dotel doesn't want to hear any sort of language-barrier excuse.
"I think they're being stupid, that's what I think,'' Dotel said. "From a guy coming from my area, my country, you have to know what is going on in the major league rules and you have to know how hard they are going with this, and they're still getting caught, so I think that's stupid by out [Latin American] players, that's what I think.''
Dotel did say that he was shocked to hear the news, and that he felt Ramirez wasn't the only one to blame in this instance, but at the end of the day, it falls on the slugger's lap.
"It's surprising big time,'' Dotel continued. "I don't think that's the Manny way. It's surprising because we been doing this testing for what? Two, three, four years? C'mon. I still don't believe it. I feel like it was a big mistake by the doctor that gave him that medicine, but I really don't think that was Manny's fault. What was a big mistake was he should have known that we got those papers from Major League Baseball that you have to know. It's in Spanish, and you have to make sure that your trainer looks at everything, so it's his mistake, too. I'm not going to say it's not.''

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MLB bans fan protest of steroids…
Thought you should know.
The Fans

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