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Bad News starting pitchers

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bad%20news%20bears.jpgKANSAS CITY, Mo. - General manager Ken Williams might want to start rethinking the whole Pedro Martinez thing, especially after the latest doosie by one of his starting pitchers on Tuesday.
Gavin Floyd reverted back to his Gavin "Fraud'' days, going five innings and allowing six earned runs on six hits.
So while the angry town villagers have been pointing at the offense and hitting coach Greg Walker with their torches most of the season, they may want to take a look at the starting pitchers as of late. Specifically, since April 23.
From that day to Floyd's gem against the Royals, Sox starters have a dismal 7.38 ERA in non-Mark Buehrle outings.
"It's not a rough spot as much as we've just had some days,'' pitching coach Don Cooper said. "[Jose Contreras'] days have not turned out the way we've wanted them to turn out. Bartolo [Colon] has given us a chance every time except one. We just need a little more consistency from everyone. It seems the days that have gotten away from us are the days Jose has started, so starting there, we need to be better. Each one of them has to be better.
"We need more innings out of our starters, as well. We need at least seven good ones to give us a better chance. More often or not, our guys have given us that chance.''
Throw in Floyd and John Danks all of a sudden flaming out, and what you have is a mess.
So how long can this go on?
"When performance simply shows that he ain't getting it done, no matter who that may be,'' Cooper responded. "If it's consistent failure to get the job done then we have to consider it. Right now, the only guy in that spot is Jose. He needs to get it going, he knows that, he's frustrated, we're all frustrated by of some of the things that have gone on in his games and we're determined to get that better. Their performances will show us. The starter right now that's really having trouble is Jose.''

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