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Thome injury is 'pretty serious'

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Dewayne Wise was out on the field before Wednesday's game with Seattle throwing the baseball. On Thursday's off day, he will take one-handed swings in the batting cage.
So maybe his return from a right shoulder separation could be sooner than later, after all.
"Yesterday, [head trainer] Herm [Schneider] was talking,'' Wise said. "I know I'm not going on this road trip, but I will be going on the next trip, to Cleveland and Toronto. And he said I should be able to take batting practice then or maybe sometime during the homestand. It all depends on how I feel.
"He asked me where was I as far as the injury. As far as range of motion, ahead of schedule with that and pleased with what I'm able to do. Just all about strengthening the muscles around it so the joints will be stable and I can move on.''
The news isn't as good with Jim Thome, especially with manager Ozzie Guillen calling his sore left heel "pretty serious.''
"Right now, pretty serious,'' Guillen replied, when asked about Thome. "He's day-by-day, every day he feels better. If Thome is not ready to play Friday, we have to make a decision. We're short a couple of players. I have a lot of respect for him, and I wish he could be honest and say, 'Listen, I can't help you right now or yes I can.'
"I plan to play him Friday, but I'll go by my ear. After the game, we'll talk about it. [General manager] Kenny [Williams] will have to make that decision. Listen, I don't want to put anyone on the DL when it will only be a couple of days, but I don't want him to re-injure it because we need him. But hey, we have what we have, and when he's ready to play he'll help us. Right now, I would like him to be honest with us and say he can or he can't.''

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Yeah, hope Big Jim gets well soon. We sure can use his .218 avg and him striking out about 40% of the time. Not to mention his speed on the bases, cause we know that Ozzie likes to play that running game so much !
Much the same for D-Wise. Get well boys.

Ha! Yosh used sarcasm to type out the opposite of how he feels! He is a true internet pioneer!

Go Sox!

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