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The dilemma that is center field

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Think you're tired of hearing about the dilemma that is center field for the White Sox?
So is the manager.
Ozzie Guillen made that very evident on Thursday, discussing Brian Anderson and possible scenarios if Anderson fails to add consistency to that position.
"There is not a legit center field out there that we can look for,'' Guillen said. "We're trying to put the best guy there. The one thing about it, I'm begging those guys to start playing the way we think they can play. Not because I don't have patience on how they're playing, it's because I don't have the patience to try to figure out who is going to be the guy. Right now, that's our plans and I don't have anything different. It's funny, if we win the game, we have a good center fielder. If we lose, we need a center fielder, a leadoff guy, we need a reliever. We just lost one game, and all of a sudden everyone is panicking and asking what are we going to do, what we should do.
"We're not going to win every game, but I expect a lot better things from Brian. If Brian doesn't do the job, somebody else will. Who? We got to figure out who it's going to be. I think it's about pitching and defense. We got to figure out the bullpen and get better. The guys we got here, we believe they can do it. But right now, I don't have no Plan B or C if Brian doesn't do the job. I want to see Brian's at-bats and see how that works.''
The one point Guillen did make about Anderson - which he hopes he's wrong about - is maybe the Anderson we've all seen is all we're going to get.
"Maybe he is what he is,'' Guillen said. "We make a lot of mistakes with first-round picks for a long time here. Thank God we changed that scenario. But I think whoever picked him in the first round, the tools are there. He's got the tools. But he's got to show people the tools. Not because you got tools you can play in the big leagues. You got the tools, we believe he's got the tools. We're waiting for the tools.''

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If we wait too long it might be too far gone. We still have the slowest middle of the order in the majors they are one dimensional thats why they have such low on-base and slugging %'s. You can't have all mistake hitters in the same place in the line up, good pitching were done you can't play small ball with large strike-zones which is what Konerko, Thome and Dye have.

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