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Rumor to ponder

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The wildcard rumor floating out there?
The San Francisco Giants are looking to unload the $44 million they still owe Aaron Rowand through 2012. The one problem? The Giants would have to be willing to pick up a big chunk of the deal to even get Williams on the phone.
Another option coming from the demented mind of yours' truly? How about pitching starved Washington getting Lance Broadway from the Sox for ... drum roll please ... Willie Harris? At least once Harris gets off the DL with a strained oblique.

Damn you, Mike MacDougal

Can the Mike MacDougal ride please come to an end? I'm nauseated and want to get off.
MacDougal's latest gem on Wednesday - a tidy two innings, allowing four runs on three hits, while walking three and unloading two wild pitches. That put his ERA at 12.46.

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The one position Kenny Williams has royally screwed up is CF. I wish the Jerry Owens experiment would mercifully come to an end. Mommy, please make it stop, I'm getting a bad headache!

When Arizona wanted Anderson as part of the Vazquez deal, Kenny convinced them to take Young instead. Young of course is not only an excellent defensive center fielder, but is a lot like Soriano (i.e., speed and power but not much patience), when he leads off.

Then there was the whole Swisher debacle when Kenny traded Sweeney, who now is Oakland's regular center fielder and leadoff hitter (and of course "threw in" two top pitching prospects to boot).

And even though Cunningham may not be ready for the major leagues quite just yet (despite an impressive late season call up last year by the A's), getting only Richar in return was about as worthwhile as getting a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

The Giants though are flush with money and even though they need a cleanup hitter after getting fooled into thinking that Rowand could hit 25+ home runs a year, I don't see them paying half or more of Rowands salary to move him given the Giants already anemic lineup.

The idea of Harris for say Broadway though is an interesting one, as although Harris is no better then a second tier player, he has speed and from what I've seen from Broadway at best he's a potential back of the rotation 5th starter.

If Kenny is patient though (something he's never been in the past), the market will come to him once it becomes clear which teams are clearly going to drop out of the hunt. Unfortunately that's going to take until the July trading deadline approaches.

Hi there,
So this is the first time I've ever commented on anything like this. But if the Sox are so desperate for centerfield help and pitching why not ask the Giants for Rowand, all money, and a young proven arm for pitching depth and help. The Giants have plenty of outfielders ready to take over as well as young pitchers. Thats just my one cent, take it as you may.

When does Kenny and Ozzie admit McDougal is not a major league pitcher anymore and get him out of here before he blows anymore games. Brian Anderson is a defensive replacement and a sorry hitter. Once again no clutch hitting at all. I said it was time to bid the DP machines goodbye early as January now they have no value no one wants them and they are payroll baggage. Dye is the only one with any value Konerko has no value at all.

While Konerko is producing it's time to make a move trade him and move Fields to first bring up Beckham now plug him in at third. Don't wait until he gets into his May funk get him moves while he has some value to some power challenged team [i.e. S.F.] maybe we can get Rowand back.

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