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Open season on Wise

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Not that White Sox players really appreciated the home fans booing Dewayne Wise throughout Tuesday's Opening Day win over Kansas City, but at the same time, criticizing them for it is a battle that can't be won, according to team captain Paul Konerko.
"Anytime it's a situation with the fans, anywhere, it's tough to - it's kind of like one of those deals where the fans are always right, no matter what they're doing,'' Konerko said Wednesday. "It's just kind of the way it is and has always been. Going back to last September, August, there has been an issue with the leadoff spot, talking about the leadoff spot with our team. Carried on through the offseason, carried on through spring training, so it's - I don't want to see any of my teammates get booed. I've been booed, everybody has been booed, you don't want to get booed. But because it's been such a hot topic, it didn't surprise me, either.''
Pitcher Mark Buehrle was a bit more outspoken about it.
"I think on anything besides the bunt [attempts in the eighth], it was unfair,'' Buehrle said. "If you're booing him because he was 0-for-4 and struck out three times, I think that's a bunch of croc.
"Plenty of these guys are going to go 0-for-4 and have their bad days, and it's just that a lot of Opening Day stuff gets blown up because it's such a build up. So he goes 0-for-4 and they think he's not the right guy for the leadoff spot.''
Not that Wise's Wednesday evening got any better for him. He grounded out in his first at-bat, and then after a Josh Fields walk in the third, popped out to catcher Miguel Olivo on a bunt attempt.
Of course, the booing continued.

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