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Garcia back with the Sox?

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First there was Mike MacDougal, then Jack Egbert and now Lance Broadway - the Bermuda Triangle of bad middle relievers.
No wonder Freddy Garcia's names was brought up following the Game 2 loss to the Mariners on Tuesday. And it just so happens that Garcia is now jobless after the Mets cut ties with him.
"I need to talk to him [Wednesday], see where he is, if he's hurt, how he's doing,'' White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen admitted. "I guess [general manager] Kenny [Williams] and the scouts know more than I do. I have to ask them and see how he's doing. I know he will find a job and hopefully he pitches better for the next team, I don't want to say us yet because I don't know anything about it.''
Everyone knows that Garcia is not only Guillen's close friend, but married into his wife's family. And as Guillen put it, he couldn't do worse than some of the other relievers sitting on team's rosters.
"I don't think he should retire,'' Guillen added. "There are a lot of worse guys out there. A lot ... and very bad. I think Freddy can still help. If Freddy's healthy, hey, Freddy can still pitch. There's a lot of really bad guys making $5-$6 million in the game still.''

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Are we really that desperate so as to put Fast Freddy in our bullpen? Do we not have better choices in the minors? If this were to happen, I could only conclude that Kenny, Ozzie and Coop have lost their collective minds! Freddy on the mound with a man on first, man on first proceed to second base with no throw from the catcher! Please say this is only a bad rumor! Go Sox!

mets fan here. In freddy's last start he topped out at 85 and pitched in the mid 70's with his breaking stuff in the 60's and mind you this is at triple a buffalo. You dont want or need freddy hes a goner. Ozzie must be crazy in law or not.

Freddy Garcia is a boss, and Edge will beat Jeff Hardy to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Judgment Day 2009.

I will tell you there are alot of promising young pitchers in the minors right now for the sox. One of which is a righty named Dexter Carter who is with Sinle A Kannapolis right now. He went
6-1 last year with the Great Fall Voyagers. He led the league in era and second in league with strikeouts. Now he is 1-1 in singleA and has only given up 3 earned runs. They need to move him up now. I think you will see him in the majors in as few as two or three years. Make sure you remember the name Dexter Carter

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