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Contreras and Colon put in place

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - According to pitcher Don Cooper, Jose Contreras and Bartolo Colon both checked out fine this morning after pitching on Monday.
Cooper said he had a chat with each and basically told them to forget the results from the game against the Angels and turn their attention to their bullpen sessions on Wednesday.
As far as where they are now being placed in the starting rotation, Cooper said that it was decided that Contreras will be the No. 4 and Colon the No. 5, putting them on schedule to face the Twins that opening weekend at The Cell.

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Let me get this straight. Monday was supposed to be decision day for Colon and Contreras. The decision to start them in the regular season would be based on what they did Monday? They both got hit hard and apparently did not have much command. So they both get to start while better pitchers sit or are sent to Charlotte/Birmingham? Colon and Contreras must have pictures of Kenny, Ozzie and Coop!

Monday was more about seeing how C & C felt after pitching. Since they aren't showing any health repercussions so far with their rehabilitation, they are physically ready for the season.

They're working on building up arm strength, stretching their arms out for 5-6 innings, knocking some of the rust off, etc. The results on Monday were not the main focus, although they both did look pretty awful...

We'll see what they can do in the first couple months of the season. Being that they are both veterans, I wouldn't be surprised if they're able to kick it up a notch and have some good starts. If not, I expect we'll be seeing Richard and maybe Poreda in June.

Be careful what you wish for also, because, although I'm excited about some of our young guys, there are always bumps in the road with unproven talent...

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