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Farmer and Jackson

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GLENDALE - I had a chance to finally sit in the booth with Sox radio broadcasters Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson on Wednesday, and I have to admit, I was impressed.
For only working seven games together this spring, they did a good job playing off of each other and were entertaining. Definitely something to keep an ear to this season.

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Farmio knew his place with Stoney and didn't come close to walking all over him, unlike his track-record with Singleton the year before. I think DJ was not going to let the Singleton scenario happen to him and he came out of the box verbally blazing and good for him. Hawk kept DJ in low gear most of the time. I always thought he did a good job on the MLB/ESPN tv games away from Hawk and now he's showing what he can do.

the move to radio was just what the doctor ordered for dj. hawkeroo needs to be put out his misery of reliving his career and baseball history. just call the game hawk! steve stone is excellent. however, i think his days will be numbered too unless the sox replace the hawkeroo sooner as opposed to later!

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