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'Who is Harold Baines?'

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - Gordon Beckham is about to get a rookie wake-up call this morning.
During Sunday's practice, Beckham was part of a conversation in which Harold Baines' name was brought up.
The first-round pick of the White Sox last June then asked, "Who is Harold Baines?''
He will find out this morning, with manager Ozzie Guillen scheduled to stop practice and explain to Beckham who Baines is in front of the whole team, as well as present him with a trophy that has a picture of Baines and all of his accomplishments.

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This is too funny. Good for Ozzie. Clearly Beckham is as much as an idiot as we all thought. To not know one of the pioneers of the game and what it took for Baines to succeed in the league floors me.
Read a book Beckham...better yet surf the internet. You're not a that at the level in your career wheren you can make such stupid comments. Based on your attitude and lack of intelligence I don't see you going very far in the league.

This is in regards to rookie, Gordon Beckham's question, "who is Harold Baines". This poor guy must have been found under a rock, in a very secluded area that has been cut off from the entire world. I really have to believe he was just kidding. Every kid over five years old in Japan knows who Harold Baines is. Maybe Ozzie should take whats his name? Oh, Beckham out to the statue of Baines that is located in the white sox park to get an idea of who Harold is. Of course, as a new sox player, he will spend a lot of time in the dugout whith him, (if they keep him). Seriously though, I live in Easton, MD where Harold was born. He still lives in Saint Michaels, which is ten miles from Easton. When Bill Veeck lived in Easton, I coached his son, Mike in JV basketball at SS Peter & Paul HS. I got to know Mr. Veeck pretty well, and what a great man he was. He was a real people person, and a reverse snob. Really down to earth. He first saw Harold play little league baseball, and knew, even at that level the potential he had. Harold Baines is a true role model because he has retained his very sincere humility throughout his lifetime. He never thought he was better than anyone else, never put himself above anyone else, and although his baseball numbers are of hall of fame calibre, he seemed to stay somewhat under the radar, if thats possible. Harold's parents raised him in the admonition of God, and in the love of Jesus Christ, and he is very deserving of all the accolades he receives. I would suggest that very soon, the new white sox rookie, will know very well who Harold Baines is, and I would suggest that he strives to pattern himself in the image of Harold; not just in baseball, but in life. If he does, and succeeds, he will be a good man. God bless Harold Baines. Those of us who know who Harold is, also know that they don't come much better.

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