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Oh no, it's Crede

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GLENDALE, Ariz. - Guess which team in the Central Division just got better?
But there's a big "if'' that goes along with the Joe Crede to the Minnesota Twins signing, specifically, it's a great deal "if'' his chronic back problems don't creep back up.
Sure, the newer Metrodome turf is a bit more forgiving than the painted green cement they used to have there a few years ago, but it's still not ideal for a player that has been walking around like Fred Sanford the past two-plus seasons.
"I'm not a doctor, but I know when I was there [with the Twins], I know we had a different turf, but we had guys all the time that had healthy backs who were complaining about the field,'' catcher A.J. Pierzynski said on Saturday. "Joe says he's healthy, so we'll see.''
But the Twins do have a plan.
When I first discussed the rumors of Crede to the Twins back in late December on The Score 670, the talk in the Twin Cities was he would play third more often on the road, while at home he would see some time in the DH spot.
So it can be done.
The other reason the Sox should be a bit nervous about Minnesota trying to be the team to beat in the division with their latest acquisition? Their already stellar defense just got better.
"One of the greatest third baseman off all time, if you ask me,'' Sox starter Mark Buehrle said of Crede. "What he did, like I said before, when he wasn't over there, there were balls he got to that you expect to be caught, and you turn around and they weren't caught.''
Not all the numbers fall in Minnesota's favor, however. Crede never really played well in the Metrodome, and the .219 career average with five homers in 169 at-bats shows that.
The Sox better hope that continues. The last thing they need is another "Piranha'' swimming around.

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Good luck Joe! Please do not come back to haunt us as many others have done over my lifetime of being a Sox Fan! Just stay healthy and play well against every other team you come up against. You will be sorely missed by all true Sox Fans!

Awww Crede was my favorite White Sox player since 2005 and I still love him so I wish him the best with the Twins although it sucks to see anyone on the Sox end up with the Twins. To echo viera soxaholic I really hope he doesn't hurt us.

I didn't think I'd be more aggravated by having to see Magglio as many times as I must each season. Now, there's the potential that that will happen. I'm far more happy for Joe however than I was for Ordonez. I guess the Twins had to get the one "Twins Killer" the Sox had. He has a "one-year" on that blasted carpet and it doesn't seem like a good setup for his back.

The following season will be played on sod which would do two things if Minnesota were to resign him: 1. It would be much better on his back while 2. giving me a much greater respect for the Twins and that ridiculous excuse for a major league baseball park. Baseball should never be played in an indoor stadium (although retractables are o.k.), especially one that was never really made for baseball. Baggies for fences? How second class can you get?

The twins? Seriously Joe?

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