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Sox sign Colon - bye, bye Freddy Garcia

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The White Sox were looking to add a veteran pitcher to compete in the starting rotation at some point this offseason, and all signs pointed toward it being the pitcher nicknamed "Big Game.''
Rather than take a chance on the ailing shoulder of Freddy Garcia, however, they are now poised to ink a certain right-hander known more for his "Big Waist.''
A team source confirmed reports on Wednesday night that the South Siders will ink Bartolo Colon to a one-year, incentive-based deal if he passes his physical, bringing the one-time ace in and having him compete with the likes of Jeff Marquez and Clayton Richard for a spot at the backend of the starting rotation.
Colon, no stranger to Ken Williams after the general manager traded for him prior to the 2003 season, went 15-13 in his lone year with the club, posting a 3.87 ERA in 242 innings of work. He became a free agent after that season, though, and was swept away by the Angels.
The 35-year-old did spend last year with Boston, but back problems hampered him most of the season, and when he did return and find he had been put in the bullpen, Colon walked away from the Red Sox, earning a suspension from the team.
It will be nothing but open arms for Colon with these Sox, however, as the team admittedly sent manager Ozzie Guillen to the Dominican last winter to watch Colon pitch. A one-year deal was offered then, but Williams said the Sox didn't hear back from Colon and "no one could find him.''
While it would seem hard for an almost 300-pound pitcher to disappear, Colon then resurfaced with the Red Sox.
Now, he gets to try and resurrect his career with pitching coach Don Cooper, who has made a career out of playing Yoda with pitchers looking for answers.
As far as Garcia, that all but ends any chance the Sox will pursue him, with the club excited about Marquez, and also having an insurance policy possibly returning in late July in veteran Jose Contreras [ruptured Achilles].

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Again good ol Reinsdorf going on the cheap. We go out support the team and he gives us garbage!!!!

I'm not thrilled by this move. I wonder why they didn't go after Daniel Cabrera. I know he hasn't done much in his career. However, he has above average stuff and is only 28. He looks like a perfect project for Cooper. The Nationals got him on the cheap for one year. He has a higher ceiling than Colon.

In case you hadn't noticed Terry, every owner has had tight pockets this season. Did you want Reinsdorf (who contrary to popular belief has been in the top five in AL payroll every year since 2005) to invest 45 million in an aging Derek Lowe the way the Braves did? KW wasn't looking to add a veteran that would lock up a rotation spot, he wants one to challenge for one. There is a big difference, if he was gonna spend bigger than this he would have to ink the new player in to the number four spot. As for Colon it is a low risk move with a high reward. If the youngsters don't impress in spring Colon could go out and win 12-14 games for you. If he gets hurt, or doesn't have it anymore you are right back where you started. Here's another possibility. Colon is healthy and pitches very well, but for what ever reason the Sox drop out of the race. That makes Colon a nice little trade commodity come July to help the youth movement. can we please stop saying Reinsdorf is cheap when he always has a high payroll?

Good signing. Signing these other Free Agents like Lowe for big money is senseless and will impede other possible signings for now and in the future. Kenny knows what the heck he is doing unlike his counterpart on the North Side. Garcia relies to much on off speed pitches which is the current source of his problem and will continue to pose a problem. Watch out for a Dye trade and a Bobby Abreu signing.

Important fact to remember about Colon...Jose Contreras will be back around the All Star break.
If Colon does not eat himself to death we will be fine. Maybe Ozzie will have Ramirez room with Colon. If Ramirez eats half of all of Colon's food, all year, we can kill two birds with one stone. If Colon can loose 25lbs and Ramirez can find it....its all good.....Double Carne Asada Burritos for everyone.
The Dodgers are interested in Young. The Dodgers just resigned Furcal....sooo Young must be willing to go back to 2B when he started.
The White Sox should send Josh Fields to anyone that will take him....Figgins leading off with Young batting second would be a great table setting tandem....Speed Kills in Minnesota and will work on 35th Street too.
The White Sox should keep Dye. Send Pauly to the Angels. The Sox get Figgins and bat him lead off playing 3B. Kenny Williams ....Listen up...send Josh Fields to Texas for Young, bat Young 2nd and play him at 2B.
The money saved by unloading Pauly will cover Young’s cost. Figgins contract is settled at 5.7 million with the arbitration done...lets light this candle. Oh yeah...have Dye play first base....and finally hire Ozzie's neighbor Abreau to play RF and bat 5th, behind
Figgins, Young, Thome, Dye, Abreau , Quentin, Pierzynski,
Ramirez and Owens. * Speed Kills Baby...Getter Done Kenny

Thanks for small favors as I never ever want to see Freddy in a Sox uniform again! He put the defense behind him asleep with his slow pace; puts fans asleep; and let anyone and everyone steal at will. Again, thanks for small favors! Go Sox!

Here is my question, and someone please answer this: Where did the 41 million odd dollars go that the sox saved by getting rid of Vazquez,Uribe,Crede,Hall,Cabrera and Swisher?? As a season ticket holder for the past 24 seasons, how can I justify to myself that they care about putting the best product out on the field.

Joe says no go on Freddy? I will bet money Freddy signs today

Get real Keith, no one will take Paulie's salary off our hands. And why the hell would we take Young's contract either. Think a little next time. All I want from the Sox the rest of the offseason is the signing of Cuban pitcher Yadel Marti.

I wouldn't mind seeing Garcia back in addition. Gives them a 2nd option in case Colon doesn't work out, with the remote possibility that both Garcia and Colon are healthy and effective, in which case they'd have a very nice back end of the rotation in case Floyd or Danks falters a bit from having pitched more innings last year than any in their careers. Getting Colon and Garcia on the cheap sure beats wasting big money on someone like Lowe, or seeing Vazquez implode for months at a time.

I do not know why they are excited about Marquez... the Yankees spent 500 billion dollars this offseason on Burnett and CC, if Marquez is really 'all that', they surely wouldn't have dealt him for a platoon player (Swisher) who can't hit well enough to start on probably any team in the majors except for possibly Pittsburgh. Dealing Gio for Swisher was probably his worst move as a GM... could have used Gio as a chip for Brian Roberts. The Quentin, Danks, and Floyd trades more than make up for that... nobody is perfect and KW is as good a GM as there is.

Fields for Young!!!! What are you smoking? We are not getting Young for just Fields.....much more will have to be given up. I still want Roberts only if we can sign him to an extension

Keith put down the coffee and slow down and think. [1]Young would be nice but is complaining about not being a SS. Why bring in a guy already whinning? [2] there are three candidates for 2b let them compete. [3] Dye is the only one with value for the Angels not Paulie afraid we are stuck there. [4] If Figgins is aquired LF is the place moving Quentin to RF. [5] Take a close look at Beckham at 3rd and Fields (if he hits) at 1b. It is time to get young and go for the future and maybe mid-season someone will take Paulie off our hands,

I have been a White Sox for 57 years and I cannot take it anymore.
I have had enough of less than serious attempts to field a talented team. I have become resigned to the fact that I will not see another White Sox's World Series championship. Therefore, after a lifetime of unfulfilled hopes for a championship and getting only one, I give up. Count me as a former White Sox fan.

come whitesox sign Yadel Marti and screw Bartolo Colon. Also get rid of Dye and get Chonne Figgins for CF.

Get rid of Paulie, Paulie, Paulie

Paulie has a no trade clause and won't be going anywhere soon even if KW was to find a trade for him. Dye is the best bargining chip for the White Sox. I beleave though it's still a waiting game to see where other free agents land before he can be delt.

Norm don't be so quick to bail out these young ones just might fool you, at least it would be more exciting than that station to station all or nothing at all. You have to understand they got lucky last year and had a few hot streaks to carry them along with some good starting pitching but they cannot tolerate another offensive season like the last one.

Man you guys are being pretty harsh on Pauley, aren't you? Lets give the guy a break. He has one injury plagued/bad season and you're all over him wanting to "get rid" of him. Lets give the guy a chance to get healthy and back on the field. I think he still has "it". I believe we're gonna see the PK that everyone loved before 2008: .280,35,100

This stream of blogs proves my theory that Sox fans (bless 'em) are never happy unless they have something to complain about - or threaten to quit the team once and for all. We don't hear much of that kind of talk from Cub fans, now do we? The 2005 championship season was wonderful in one other respect - it silenced the whiners and complainers....for about 30 minutes.

Come on Norm Davis, you can't be that dumb can you. Top 5 payroll since 2005, a world series 05, division championship last year. I think KW plays it pretty smart, rather then like someone's fantasy team. I mean Quentin, Danks, Floyd, Pierzynski... Hell, even Konerko, Pods, and Uribe were all consider bad moves by fans like you, and those guys were some of the biggest additions to the 05 championship team. Come to think of it, I'm not sure you're really disgruntled or maybe some lame trolling cub fan...

and to Rich, really all of us whining? Sox fans have passion and realistic expectations, but there are always dumb whiners in every group. The Cubs have whiners too, dont kid yourself.

Now go run out and get yourself a Milton Bradley Jersey, so you can hang it next to your Garciaparra jersey in 6 months. That's how Cub fans always blindly jump on retared ban wagons. See how I generalize.

Hey Rich, The Cubs might not have as many "whiners" because the majority of them know nothing about baseball. They just show up to the games in their shirts and ties,sporting their pocket protecters to mingle with buisness partners while sippping on some Old Style (or whatever that crap is they serve there). They don't care who wins the game, most of them probably don't even know who won when they leave that broke down pile of bricks they call a ballpark.
On the other hand, like Steve said, Sox fans are true and very passionate about winning. We wont settle for just a fun day at the ballpark with a bunch of yuppie buisness partners. We go out and passionately support our team day in and day out, expecting to win every day.
And to those Sox fans who are whinning, Lets give KW a break. Lets look back at the 2004-2005 offseason... We let Lee and Maggs go but Kenny had a plan and it worked out great didn't it? 2005 Champs! And lets also look at some of the guys he's brought in here in the last couple years that most of us probably never heard of until now...Quinted, Ramirez, Danks, Floyd. These guys are huge contributers and players we can build a team around. I think Kenny and his scouting staff are doing an excellant job. As much as I would like to see it too, you can't go out and spend all your money on a CC or Burnett. Lets face it, we're NOT the Yankees. But hopefully our front office gets their homework right once again and we have another Danks or Floyd in Marquez or Richard, and another Quinten or Ramirez in Getz or Fields(we've already seen what he's capeable of). And if for some reason we don't, Then lets wait to see what KW does at the trade deadline to help keep this team in contention before we bashing him for not making any moves.

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