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Play Ball ! The White Sox blog is back

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Of the 18 non-roster invitees that the White Sox will bring into spring camp when it starts next month, three players will have all eyes on them.
Left-handed pitcher Aaron Poreda, infielder Gordon Beckham and catcher Tyler Flowers not only represent promise for the organization's future, but a future that could be coming sooner than later. Poreda could easily break camp in the bullpen, while Beckham and Flowers have September call-up potential.
With the good, however, comes the bad. The enigma that is reliever Mike MacDougal was also given an invite, but unless he spent the winter visiting the Wizard of Oz to get a heart and some courage expect him to be nothing more than trade bait or a quick release.

Other thoughts as spring camp approaches:

--With the roster currently as is, general manager Ken Williams will either look like a genius or simply a guy that got caught up in his history of having more hits than misses in his tenure come September.

--Brian Anderson and Carlos Quentin = "Bromance.''

--The producers at VH1 missed a huge opportunity in the casting of "The Tool Academy.'' Last I saw, Orlando Cabrera still wasn't doing anything.

--The over and under on "Demon Chops'' that will hit the throat and chest areas of Sox public relations personnel this spring is five. I'm taking Dale Torborg and the over.

--Finally, for the readers of this blog, or reader - thanks mom - the first of many Cowley fan contests that will be held this spring. Prizes include: on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness. A simple lineup prediction is being asked for. Feel free to update as the roster changes.

As it stands right now, here is mine:

CF - Jerry Owens
SS - Alexei Ramirez
LF - Carlos Quentin
DH - Jim Thome
1B - Paul Konerko
RF - Jermaine Dye
C - A.J. Pierzynski
3B - Josh Fields
2B - Chris Getz

Bonus prediction: Winner of "Rock of Love Bus'' - Kelsey.

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Figgins, Ramirez, Q, Thome, Konerko, Dye, Pierzynski, Fields, Anderson.

No way on Kelsey ... not "fake'' enough.


Joe, that lineup you submitted is from last year-- there must be some mistake.

Kenny wouldn't just sit on his hands for the most part and not at least address centerfield for the third straight year? Although maybe he just wanted to make things lighter on his hands when sitting on them which explains the payroll dumping? My bad-- great job KW!

Still waiting on the re-shaping of the lineup, you know the one that adds speed and removes that station-to-station stuff. Kenny said he knows what the team needs.

Now, he is crying poor mouth and the economy. Fair enough. I urge all potential ticket buyers to take the same wait and see approach and shop for the bargain ticket days.

Say it ain't so Joe Ramirez will never be a #2 hitter he should stay around 6 or 7 Getz should be #2 hitter and if things really go well one at least of the DP machines clogging up the middle will be gone. I hope the Sox don't ruin Ramirez by putting him in a position not to be the free swinger he is.

Thome, Konerko, and Dye...OH WHY??????? Are we talking about the middle of the order, or an uprade to the Bears O line? Two of these guys are just like the other, one has to go, and it should not be the Brother!

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