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Arbitration offer?

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The White Sox have until midnight tonight to offer arbitration to their free agents, and of the four, expect only one to get that offer.
Toby Hall, Juan Uribe and Ken Griffey Jr. will each walk away from the South Side, while shortstop Orlando Cabrera will likely be offered arbitration because his status as a Type A free agent. The song and dance of it is the Sox will offer Cabrera arbitration, which he would then turn down knowing a multi-year deal is awaiting him on the open market. With him turning the club down the Sox would then get two draft picks as compensation for losing him.
In other words, his selfishness would finally benefit the Sox.

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I'm glad to see Cabrera leaving the south side, as well as Toby Hall and Nick Swisher. Hall and Swisher's shaving cream in the face act got old. If Hall had collected as many extra base hits as he threw shaving cream in teammates faces, he might have been worth keeping.

Jeez folks, I hate to say this but is letting Juan Uribe go the right thing to do? I know, I know, we ARE talking about Juan Uribe. But, hear me out.

Who is going to be the Sox third baseman this year? Answer: Josh Fields. Lots of talent, supposed to be good if not great, proven... not at all.

Who is going to play second base? Answer: Chris Getz. Decent talent............... Yeah I can't think of much else at this point either.

That leaves the utility spot for............ wait for it, wait for it, Jayson Nix and Wilson Betemit. I have to say I would take Juan Uribe over them any day.

Now I have to see if I can actually read what is in the "captcha" box below and get this submitted.

You are right on the mark Joe. His reputation off of his 2007 season made you think the Sox were really getting something. They did, a punk.

They got a heir for A.J. and got rid of an enigma. Vasquez has Cy Young stuff with a little league mind, what's the point of eating up innings if they are bad ones? They still need to move two more of the plodders Thome, Konerko and/or Dye out of the three Dye would be better but he has the highest trade value. Chris all of the above are better than Uribe. Demetrius unless you know that kid personally isn't punk a little strong? Would you like someone to call your son a punk? The Sox need to go young and stick with it, whats the difference old guys starting slow and petering out on the back end or young ones with ups and downs getting seasoning with a future? Williams has done a great job with young players with unusual backgrounds [see Bobby Jenks]

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