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The Cabrera virus spreading?

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - On paper, the White Sox would seem to have their hands full next year with a Minnesota team that will be a year older, a year better and hungry for some revenge. But there is hope.
Guess which free agent-to-be could be front and center on the Twins' radar screen this winter? That's right, none other than shortstop Orlando Cabrera. The Star-Tribune is reporting that several members of the Twins front office will start doing their homework on Cabrera, with Nick Punto likely headed to free agency, leaving a vacancy at short.
Sox manager Ozzie Guillen always joked that he wanted to find some poison to put in the water to "kill those little 'Piranhas,' '' well, the me-first veteran infielder would be the perfect arsenic.

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Cabrera is a great shortstop and a plague in the clubhouse. Good ridance at the end of this season and then "The Missile" can do his beautiful thing at SS. Now, on to the good stuff. My 94-year old father told me when I was a small boy on The South Side that in our house we pull for two baseball teams. That being The Sox and whoever is playing The Cubs. Way to go Dodgers!!!! They should have let the goat walk around the bases at Wrigley before that series started. Oh well, what's another hundred years! :)

Cabrera is a great shortstop, whats wrong with that? Another player Ozzie doesnt like, so we send with where? To Minnesota, where he will be an allstar? The sox could use Cabrera, hes done a great job this year, far more that Swisher, with all his hotdogging he has nothing to show for it.

i like viera soxaholic's comments and her(?) name. thanks again for saturday, wish my game off the tee was better.

The Sox won't miss Cabrera, he seemed very self serving to me. Let's get a few guys that can steal a base, play good defense and be team players.

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