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Sox have nothing to be ashamed of

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There were no expectations for the White Sox to win the AL Central this year, so just making it to the playoffs qualified the season as a success.

And while the team on the North Side was swept from the first round with the best record in the NL, the White Sox at least took the Tampa Bay Rays to four games.

And don't tell me this is not a very good Tampa team. The Rays won the AL East and will give Boston a heckuva series. The Sox may have lost to the World Series champs.

So lament the end to the season, as you would any season Sox fans, but this was not an embarrassment.

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I am so proud of the 2008 White Sox, with the wheels falling off, i.e. Crede, Contreras and my fave, Q, getting hurt, they still managed to sputter along as far as they could and we should all be proud of them! To win the division, after all the problems they dealt with is something to build on next year! Go Sox. However, I will say happily buh bye to Vazquez and Cabrera, the 2 cancers of this team this year. See u in AZ in '09 Sox! Thanks for a fun year guys. Will miss the white sox the next few months but will be happy come 2/09. Get that wrist in shape Quentin! I also hope Q wins AL MVP, Alexi Rookie of the Year, Jenks is the DHL delivery man of the year and Dye is the Hank Aaron man in my book! Great job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also a BIG Shout out to AJ, Paulie, Swish, Thome, Grif, Crede, Anderson, Wise, Hall, Danks, Floyd, Marky Mark Buehrle, Richard, Thornton, Dotel, and OUR MAN Jenks...looking forward to whatchall bring in 2009.

Although not the way I was hoping the season would have ended, 2008 was a great turn around from 2007. There is a lot to build on and there is hope for a bright future with some of the young guys coming up.

Thanks for an exciting 2008 season!

good yr,but cant wait to see O [all about me] C gone.good greif griff[who should have never been here]gone.javier vasoline GONE.juan [cant hit]uribe gone.homer dounut dotel gone.why does ozzie disregard defense in center,wise had to play left center to cover up good greif,many balls in the left corner turned into extra bases,that might have been outs or singles.i think b a could have struck out as much as greif.and played a good center field.oh i love how patient we are at the the 2 best pitches go over for strikes,and then swing at the 1 in the dirt.must be the hitting coach,the whole team does it.only q was aggresive at the plate.kenny did good job with q,ramariz,danks,floyd.but wrecked the season with greif.ozzie must have been told to play him.we were playing our best ball with wise and b a platooning before the worst trade of the yr.well time to get a second baseman,leadoff hitter[roberts]third baseman,and its not fields.maybe joe can be given a fair deal[based on incentives].we need speed.but many good signs going into next yr.we have 3 good lefty starters,and pretty boy floyd.good luck addition by subtraction

Again, we come out on top of the Cubbies in post season. Go Sox! Now, in the off season let's address the lack of speed and please work on manufacturing runs. In my sixty years plus of being a Sox Fan, I can only remember one Sox player slower than Paulie, Thome, Dye, et al and that was the catcher Sherman Lollar circa 1950s. We can get back to the Go Go Sox of that era adding speed and bunting to the home run power. This year, we lived and died by the home run. I will be pulling hard for the Rays to beat the Red Sox. p.s. Kenny/Ozzie: If you're going to keep Vazquez and Swisher around for 09, get them to a sports psychologist asap!

All we have to do is think back to Spring Training. It was going to be a certain duel between Cleveland and Detroit. Remember?

It's been a heck of season for both the Sox and Twins. However, the season was made when they beat Minnesota on Sept. 30. A loss there would have been about as disappointing to me--especially in the manner it would have come down--as what the Cubs did to their fans.

I have tried to be an encouraging, rooting, but level-headed critic of the Sox most of the season BUT ONLY BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT ANYONE, INCLUDING KENNY WILLIAMS, TO THINK THAT THIS WAS A BONA FIDA WORLD SERIES CHAMP! It often seemed that way during the second half with a lot of heads-in-the-clouds statements made by fans and by KW. No Kenny, we didn't need nor did we have this kind of one-dimensional team in '05 so how does the philosophy change all of a sudden? We are a flawed team and it certainly showed against Tampa Bay. Moreover, I still think we get beat with our injured players like Quentin in the mix.

I hope that Kenny will take about a month off and clear his mind. Then, I want to see some moves made to balance this team's attack while also tweaking the pitching staff. Nick Swisher, you need to start showing something and make yourself into the All-Star that many baseball folks thought you would be. It's definitely time. You were a major disappointment and we gave up a lot to get you. Perhaps it's also a good time to bid adieu to a few. If Kenny makes the right moves, we could be there for the next few years and even take home another trophy. KENNY, PLEASE DON'T GET RID OF AARON POREDA!!! NO MORE GETTING RID OF TOP NOTCH YOUNG PITCHING TALENT!!!

Still, I want to end this with congratulations for our beloved Sox for getting the most out of themselves in 2008.

P.S. "Captcha" is back! Great! I just took way more time than anyone should to make sure ALL alphanumeric characters were correct before submission. In fact, I pedantically went through each one analyzing what other symbol it could be. Still, as expected, it didn't accept my first or second submission. It happens 90 percent of the time and I'm not exaggerating! It makes posting just about not worth it.

Billyjack and Soxaholic neither know much about baseball and their takes SUCK...All player KW brought in contributed and some played below their own expectations at times. But all helped win ball games with big hits and pitching holds and such..even tho sometimes failed as all do in life..and all ballplayers no exception. You two look in the mirror and think how perfect are you. Truth be told U are not perfect either.

Overall im happy with the 2008 season. When "Q" went down I thought that our chance to "surprise" was gone. After he left the lineup became average. Getting to the playoffs was the best this team could accomplish. But there are so many positives for 2009 that Im looking forward to what Kenny can do...

Q - MVP Talent
Ramirez - fantastic all around player
Floyd/Danks - great young pitchers
Buerhle - Is just Buerhle
Thornton - was fantastic
Linebrink - great 1st half....overused...and he busted
AJ - is AJ
Wise - we may have something here
Dye - great bounce back year

Pauly- killed us almost all year
Thome - slow, first half killed us, 2nd half very good
Crede - bad back.....
Dotel - was average....gave up 2 many big hits
Vazquez - no backbone...overhyped
5th starter - Contreras old/ Richard who knows
2nd lefty bullpen - Logan, horrible, Ramirez, worthless


The obvious, speed and table setters.

3b: Crede? not sure on that one
CF; Wise

Cant have both Konerko and Thome anymore. Too slow, Too inconsistent.

The Minnesota Twins have so much talent sitting in the bleachers for next year that it be hard to believe that the Sox will even have a chance to make 50-50.

Your team if over the hill and if you had not installed pacemakers in the players and fans, the entire season would have been the snooze of the century.

See you next year!

1st base, center field, 3rd base, 2 starting pitchers, 2 or 3 bullpen pitchers. This is a lot to fill by next year. I love what Paul K did in 2005 but it's time for him to move out west. Same for Vazquez and Uribe, they gone!

Great year guys! We ended up developing Danks, Floyd, Rameriz and Q. We found out that Vasquez, Crede, Cabrera don't have what we need. I guess we will find out if Konerko still has it along with Swisher(needs to develop those skills the hard way, working out, not steroids....) and Contreas, if they are still around. So we need a new 2nd, 3rd, and centerfielder(again), all with speed, and bullpen help. The new group of pitchers with Russel, Poreda, Richards and Broadway seems like the way to go. Good luck Kenny!

Have you read the Oct. 13th posting on Good stuff.

This was a good year but now is time to get either Thome, Konerko and/or Dye out. They are slow and make the Sox a station to station team. Figgins and Roberts would be perfect 1-2 right away. But these questions remain [1] Is Owens or Anderson a everyday player? [2] Was Wise a fluke? [3] should Thome and Konerko go and let Jr. DH? [4] Is Broadway, Poreda, Richards or Russell ready to move up? [5] Will anyone take Vasquez off our hands? [6] Was Quentin a fluke or is he the real deal? These need to be addressed in the off season for the Sox to contend, but I really believe standing pat will cost dearly.

Sox have 0 to be ashamed of, or is that their BA in tough spots. Hey, they did win the coin flip & one more game than you know who.

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