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No surprise: Griff won't be back

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It's no surprise, but reports the White Sox have decided not to bring back Ken Griffey Jr.

Considering Griff is due $16M next season, this isn't exactly breaking news.

And as Joe Cowley reported on Oct. 8, it was very unlikely Griffey was going to rework his contract and take a lot less money to stay in Chicago.

So Griffey is gone. It was worth a shot, but it didn't really work out.

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The media needs to grow up. Declining an option does not mean "won't be back." It just means the player is being thrown back into the free agent waters. The WSox can fish them back at a better price if they want.

The same can be said for Joe Crede & Juan Uribe.

They had a decent season & made the record books again in the final week. It's one of those yrs were you're left thinking WHAT IF Crede, Quentin, & Contra had been healthy down the stretch.

It's in the books. We move on to 2009 & hope that Quentin hasn't lost anything.

They've thrown Hall back into the free agent waters as well. This might be a sign of how tough those waters will be this off-season.

I can't fault Kenny for rolling $400K dice on Nix as insurance at 2B.

Actually it is time to move forward and get rid of via trade or buyout some of the slow inconsistant sluggers out of the lineup. Maybe California would take Konerko or Dye off our hands. It's time to get younger and faster, also get rid of Logan, McDougal and Wasserman maybe even Dotel we need to get younger and faster as well as my pet peave I have never seen so many major league pitchers with no move to first or no slide step no nothing. P.S. Look at Beckham at 3rd for competition with Fields, if Fields can't hit get rid of him.

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