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Javy being Javy

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Javier Vazquez lived down to Ozzie Guillen's criticism as he failed in another big game.

The Sox staked him to a 3-1 lead, but that didn't last long. Vazquez was torched. He just doesn't seem to have much confidence. And Ozzie didn't have much of a choice but to pitch Vazquez today.

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I hope he is not a sox next year. If so he will continue to do this to us until he is gone. WEAK LINK!

I would rather see Sammy Sosa suit up for the Sox again than let Javy throw another pitch in a Sox uniform...and I'm serious.

Sox would have been better off pitching by committee today. Javy is just a terrible pitcher in big games. It was almost like we gave the game away. Last 4 starts Javy hasn't gotten out of the 5th inning. That is terrible!!!!!

What's worst it seems he really doesn;t care. You see it in his actions and when he talks. Almost like when does my vacation start. Someone on this team needs to wake him up. I would not pitch him in a starting role for the rest of the playoffs. If my choice I would not have placed him on the roster.

What's up with Junior and Thome? For 2 guys not being in the playoss in years, they were weak today. Both need to step up.

Once again Ozzie stayed too long at the dance with Javy. The fourth inning always seems to be key for this guy. My 94-year old father sees this every game that he pitches. He should NEVER been allowed to pitch to Longoria again after the two home runs. Put him on first and then bring in the kid Richard, who did a great job. Ozzie, please refer to the card in your back pocket that says: "if pitcher is not getting batters out take him out and if pitcher is getting batters out leave him in." Go Sox! Go Buerhle! Go Dodgers! The Cubs should have let the two guys from Indiana with the goat into Wrigley before the first game to break the curse, maybe. Oh well, what's another hundred years!

Javy is worthless. I don't blame Ozzie for calling him out last week. He tried to light a fire under him and it didn't work. At least now we know he will never be a big game pitcher and we can move him in the off season.

Why isn't anyone second guessing Ozzie's decision to have Javy pitch yesterday? I usually trust his judgement, but considering how pathetically Javy pitched the final two months of the season, I would have sent Clayton Richard out there. Look what happened; Javy got torched for six runs in 4 innings and then Richard threw beautifully. Yet, the Sox only lost by two runs and showed that they can hang with the Rays even when their starting pitcher barely makes it through 4. Tampa Bay is overrated and if it wasn't for Longoria's heroics, they prob would have lost. I like Chicago's chances today as long as they don't beat themselves and come up with some timely hitting. GO SOUTH SIDE HITMEN!!!!

From a Venezuelan to Venezuelan: Oswaldo por favor bota al pajuo de Javi Vazquez, no sirve! Ozzie please throw out Javi´s things from the dugout. Man he´s a loser. For Gods sake he is a bad influence to his other teammates. He can´t be the batboy neither. Just pay him off and send him on vacation. Bye Bye Javi.

As former Bear Brian Cox said after an embrassing performance against the Pack, " We need to see th Wizard for some you wants"

Javy you are a joke and please go away. You need to either grow some or get some.Be a Man!

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