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There is a pulse

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It was Ozzie Guillen's "Braveheart'' moment.
Two hours before the game, the manager had a closed door meeting and delivered a speech about what was at stake over the next week, and how the 2008 team will be remembered - one way or the other.
"I tell them no matter what we do for 150 games, people aren't going to remember that,'' Guillen recalled afterward. "People are going to remember what you do from today to the last day of the season. Then they're going to say they had a bad year or a good year or a great year. That's all they'll remember. They're not going to remember July or August. They're going to remember what's going on between today and the rest of the days.''
How did they respond?
A six-run fourth, and eight runs on the board by the seventh.
All that was missing for Guillen was a painted face and a horse ... but considering other objects that have been in the Sox clubhouse this season ... a horse wouldn't be so far-fetched.

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