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How motivated will Tigers be?

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Imagine if you're a member of the Tigers. How motivated would you be to fly to Chicago to play a game tomorrow that's meaningless to you?

This season has been a huge disappointment for the Tigers, who were supposed to win the Division.

Instead, they can only play spoiler and have to work an extra day just to give the White Sox a chance to make the playoffs.

How motivated will Freddy Garcia be to eliminate his good friend Ozzie Guillen?

On the other hand, imagine how loose the Tigers will be and how potentially tight the Sox could be.

I've been saying for a while now that the Sox will win this Division. I'm not changing that prediction now.

It should be interesting.

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The Sox are lucky they are even getting a chance with the way they have pitched this last month. I mean the Sox pitching smelled worst then the Chicago stockyards on a warm day! The Twins who were not picked to make the playoffs have used youth from their farm club and made a run at it without spending a bunch a money. Look at what the Twins lost Hunter, and Santana yet they competed and made the Sox look bad at the metrodome. The Sox played like they didn't want it especially the last game when they scored 6 runs in the 4th inning and then gave up as the Twins picked the Sox apart. I mean Ozzie should be screaming at these guys with the way they pitched. Here is another question that needs to be answered, what was Williams thinking taking less then average pitchers from Kansas city who were lucky to win 60 games in any one given year? We need quality pitching and more heart! There will be no success in the playoffs because the Sox won't win one game especially with the way they have played! The Twins will do better and that is sad to say!

This team's motto all year has been "Failing to Fail," and, although they've given it a good shot this September, they haven't yet managed to fail! They've got guts and determination, but the spark isn't there: the hitting and pitching just aren't consistent enough.

With Luck, they'll make it to the LCS, but there's no way this is a World Series team. We saw in '05 what that takes, and this ain't it.

But maybe they'll prove me wrong, and fail to fail all the way to late October. Go Sox!

They were highly motivated vs the Rays but that might have been a push to catch the Royals. Win or lose tomorrow they'll still finish last now.

Had they swept the Rays, they'd be riding a huge wave of momentum but losing in extra innings probably took some air out of their sales. If the WSox bullpen pitches well we should win.

A good analogy to the smell from the stockyards on a warm summer day for Sox pitching, especially the bullpen. I used to live on the far south side and on a warm summer day with the wind from the north or northwest, we could smell the stockyards at 120th and Union!

With Freddy pitching for the Tigers today, Sox baserunners should be able to steal all bases except first! Cross your fingers that the real Freddy shows up for the Tigers today! Go Sox/Go Bears!

This game will probably go about 20 innings... Sox, Twins, entire division stinks... it's the division no one wanted to win.

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