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Sox are Division champs!

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What a great performance by John Danks! And AJ Pierzynski, Ken Griffey Jr. and Jim Thome were huge as the White Sox win the AL Central Division.

Remember all of the naysayers before the season, ripping Ken Williams for not getting MIguel Cabrera or Torii Hunter or Kosuke Fukudome? How ya like him now?

And where are the people who called for Ozzie Guillen's job?

What a great season for the White Sox, who were picked to finish behind Detroit and Cleveland and maybe Minnesota.

And what a job to still win it despite an MVP candidate like Carlos Quentin going down.

Great season, and it's not over.

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Roman, I forgive you for the quasi-porn the other night on the Bears Live Chat.

What a win! Noles, Julie, Keith, Juan, Villano, even Culzie - where are you guys? Let's celebrate!

You forgot to include Brian Anderson's amazing catch to end the game!
Roman responds: Good point!

I believe that Ozzie is the only Sox manager ever to take the Sox to the post season twice.

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