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White Sox fans should boo this team.
They should boo an offense that is too inconsistent. They should boo a starting staff that can't deliver in the clutch. And they should boo a bullpen that doesn't know how to shut teams down. The Sox were guilty of all three on Saturday ... yet again.
And frankly, manager Ozzie Guillen doesn't blame them - not one single bit.
"The worst thing about being a manager is when they're booing you,'' Guillen said. "And when they're booing you for a reason - that makes it worse. I always tell my players, give me some bullets. Give some bullets so I can fight for you guys. Give me something so I can be cocky and talk a lot of crap, like I always do. When people are calling you names, when desperate people are calling you names ... it's not a good feeling.
"Sometimes when I hear those things, I say, 'I wish you were in Caracas [Venezuela] right now. Because then my boys would be right behind you.'
"But I don't blame them. I just sit there and get frustrated, wish everything would be better. But it's not. That's why I told those guys, can you please ... it's funny, because I have feelings for this ballclub, I have feelings for these fans, I played here for a long time ... I know how they feel. They're desperate. They want to win as bad as anybody else. They're behind us. When they're booing and are upset and screaming at you - I don't blame those guys.''

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Please let this season end!

What are you talking about in your twitter? The Twins have lost two games so the AL Central is overrated? If anything, the Indians edging above .500 proves that if they hadn't collapsed during interleague play, the Central would be a three team race.

Also, the two teams contending for the top spot were supposed to finish 3-4, so 'overrated' doesn't really fit.

If you want to say that the White Sox are an embarrassing team, I guess I could agree with that.

Thank goodness that there was excellent college football on television saturday night. For me, these guys are not worth talking or writing about any longer. Go Bears!

I may be the only one in Chicago who felt the Royals would take that series in MN. Now I'm thinking they might sweep it.

This is not the hapless Royals of the 1st half of this season. This is a Royals team that has 17 wins in the month of Sept & have won 19 of their last 30. That's as good as the Red Sox.

What really suprised me is that the WSox beat them on the road. That's what's kept them alive this long.

As Konerko said, the WSox still control their own destiny.

I moved to Chicago last spring & your tv announcer's are the biggest cry babies I ever HEARD ON TV, THEY MUST HAVE BEEN BOTTLE FEED FROM BIRTH,they are both bad sportsmen,

We won today forcing a game with Detroit. Here's hoping they get through all this adversity and make it to Tampa Bay.


Here's why: This team needs more than just some tweaking regardless of whatever success it sees this week. Success would have a tendency to create complacency in that sense. Winning this division will likely be much harder next year and even the year after that. Any of the five teams could make some noise.

Balance in the lineup which includes "hitters" that can spray the ball to all fields, hit line drives, go with pitch, etc. is an absolute necessity for starters. Up and down the current lineup are hitters that require a pitch to be in a certain place. They're essentially "mistake" hitters throughout which is typical of sluggers. I'm not necessarily stating that we shouldn't have some of that! However, it shouldn't be so that any pitcher with command in keeping the ball down with movement will have monumental success with us. There have to hitters that can work around that scenario. Moreover, it would help to have speed. We did have more speed in September ironically, but it was with September call-ups or 24th/25th man guys like Dwayne Wise whom I do like, don't get me wrong, but he's not a starter.

Also, an "ace" stopper would be nice along with a quality bullpen that can last all season long.

Having said all this, I will still be rooting for this week.

Go Sox!

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