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Ozzie rips Blackburn

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MINNEAPOLIS - Ozzie Guillen is not afraid to praise the opposing pitcher, evident with the way he gushed over Kansas City starter Kyle Davies and the right-hander's outing against the Sox on Saturday.
At the same time, the Sox manager is no stranger to throwing an opposing pitcher underneath the bus when he feels it's necessary. So while Twins starter Nick Blackburn got the win, going five innings and allowing two runs on eight hits, he also came away with tire marks on his back.
"I don't give credit to the guys that don't deserve credit,'' Guillen said of Blackburn. "Believe me, I give credit to the pitcher when they deserve it. We didn't get the clutch hit, it wasn't because of the way he pitched.''

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Should this all come down to losing it all by one game, remember the 9-1 loss to the Yanks where Ozzie threw in the towel early by putting virtually everyone in the game so that they could tell their grandchildren that they played in the old Yankee Stadium. A bone-headed move that I truly hope does not come back to bite us! Go Sox!

What a SORE LOSER!!!!!!

Another year, another Sox meltdown.

Given the talent year-after-year and the annual collapse to Minnesota, you think someone would put Ozzie in his place.

Every quote of his seems to have a reference to how Minnesota will grind out wins. Yea, it's called heart.

Go Twins! Even if your roster doesn't belong in the playoffs.

I guess if you can't beat em, then rip em!

Ozzie had to do that because of how short his bullpen is. You don't go wasting your only two good relivers (Jenks and Thornton) in a game where you really don't have a chance to win. If it was a must win game like last night then I would agree with you, but that game didn't change their season.

Ozzie "rips" Blackburn, eh? LOL.

Looks like you're trying to fill the "made up controversy" void created by Mariotti leaving.

Shut up Ozzie! Another 2nd place finish. To me this melt down is worse then the Cubs melt down in 69. I would rather have this team not in contention then losing a chance for the title in the last week.

This team needs a major overhaul in the middle of its lineup. Why can't we pull off a trade like the Twins pulled off for Gomez? This team needs a CF neither Brian Anderson nor Jerry Ownes are the answer. The way how Hawk talks about BA you would think he is the second comming of Willie Mays. Hawk, BA is a 230 hitter and a decent outfielder and that is it.

Please put the following players on a garbage hauler: Javy, Boone, Mac,PK,Horacio,Hall and Owens. Trade Fields,PK( if he is not on the garbage hauler) and open up offers for Mark.

Are you kidding Ozzie?
Get out of town... you have mismanaged the pitching staff
How about the other day when you didnt protect the lines
against the twinkees and allowed 2 late doubles!!!!
How could Griffey not be playing now after getting his stroke back!

Ozzie is a failure, he has pulled this organization down. He cant accept defeat there is always someone to blame. He is a bum he doenst know how to call a game for his life!!!! He puts in the wrong pitchers at the wrong times. He never uses Jenks then puts him in when the sox are up 8-2. He is awful! If the sox miss the playoffs, Ozzie should be GONE!!!

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