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Konerko's OK; as far as his team? Not so sure

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Joe Cowley reports from his car that Paul Konerko merely suffered a slight sprain to the right knee and could play as soon as Friday. Looked pretty bad Tuesday night.

A few friends and I were sitting in the right-field stands Tuesday and everyone thought Konerko had just suffered a season-ending ACL injury. With the way things have been going injury-wise for the South Siders, there didn't seem to be any other conclusion to draw.

It's good to hear the injury isn't that serious. Konerko's been salvaging a disappointing season lately, and the Sox can't afford another loss.

By the way, really disappointed with the crowds on the South Side lately. Something like 26,000 Sunday for a game between first-place teams. I know school is back in session, but that was an afternoon game. There were 28K or so last night, but the buzz just isn't there.

A lead-off home run might have had something to do with it, but this is a playoff push.

The loudest guy in our section was wearing a Twins hat. That final series in the Minn. is going to be interesting.

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I bought tickets for last Sunday's game, and you are right, the crowd just was not there. I myself do not understand why the fans are not filling the seats with only 18 total games left to the season (8 left at home)and fighting for even game to stay in first, becuase we have a better chance at the divisional title than a wild-card spot due to both Tampa & the Red Sox records.
I am going again tonight (and hopefully Friday with my daughters) and hope to see a bigger crowd, but I have my doubts as many have just given up due to losing a DH yesterday & Paulie for several (I Hope Only Several) games.
Let's show our support, get to the playoffs, and hope for the best. COME ON, THE SOX GAVE US ALOT TO CHEER ABOUT FOR ALL THESE MONTHS


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