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Disaster in the Dome

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MINNEAPOLIS - The White Sox had been saying all the right things, whistling through the graveyard leading up to the series in Minnesota.
But now that it's here and Game 1 is in the books - be afraid Sox fans, be very afraid.
Javier Vazquez had a chance to put to rest his reputation as a pitcher who can't deliver in the big game. He failed.
The Sox had a chance to show that Minnesota isn't the only team that can play fundamental baseball. They failed - miserably.
Following the 9-3 loss, the only one to man up? Leave that to catcher A.J. Pierzynski, who pulled no punches about leaving the bases loaded in the fifth inning.
"The bottom line is I [bleeping] suck right now,'' Pierzynski said. "I haven't been good this whole month, pretty much. It's frustrating. To be honest with you, it's embarrassing. I pride myself in those situations getting a hit and finding a way to get it done.
"But you know what? Someone's going to pay and hopefully it starts tomorrow.''
It starts with the right guy, too. If there is one pitcher that the Sox can count on to man-up in crunch-time, it's left-hander Mark Buehrle. Vazquez can have all the numbers he wants, Gavin Floyd can have the best record this season and John Danks can have the lowest ERA, but Buehrle is the heartbeat of the staff. Has been since 2001.
If the Twins beat him and it falls on Floyd's lap Thursday - murder she wrote. Unless they can somehow fool Floyd into thinking he's pitching in Baltimore - not a stretch considering they call him "Floyd Christmas'' [See Dumb and Dumber] - the Sox will leave the Twin Cities a half game back.
The one pitcher we don't have to worry about seeing the rest of the series - and maybe season? Boone Logan, who allowed two runs on two hits in 1/3 of an inning.
"Boone, he looked the same way he looked all season long,'' Guillen added. "That's my fault to put that guy in there.''
Game 2 is at 7:10 Wednesday night.
Keep whistling.

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I am Embarrassed to be a white sox fan.

I am just appaled how AJ Perzinsky let us down. If he is too fat to hit anymore why doesnt he just LEAVE. take the other overweight center fielder, old waste of time ken griffey.

Sure---it another home run when it doent mean anything

This team is just horrible.
An embarassment to Chicago

Finally, now that Ozzie has admitted that Logan was not the boon the Sox needed, he won't use the lefty again. Here's hoping that lesson has been learned (again).

The whole team has looked flat for 3 weeks Dye looks real lethargic and I'm afraid Jr. is done time to play Anderson and bite the bullet. Anderson would have caught that Kubel triple. Vasquez looked absolutely terrible and has been for his last 5 starts.

John YOU are not a true Sox fan ..with comments like that..hey stupe Sox are in 1st place have been most of a bad game , had others of course. And with everything falling in right would be up should be up by 7-8 gsames. AJ is stand-up guy...This is baseball with ups and downs day to day. GET REAL JOHN , you don't know much about the game at all. In 2005 Sox had a 15 game lead and it whittled down to 1 game remember ? Or were you in the same stup[or as today.

I can't stand Javier Vazquez. If you put the competitive spirit of either Mark B. or John Danks into his head, he could be a great pitcher, but he doesn't have that mental makeup. I'd trade him for a bucket of bolts. Heck, a bucket of bolts set atop the pitching rubber would scare the opponent more in a "big game" situation!

Here's an interesting stat for fellow fans who think we could simply outscore the Twinkies in order to get the job done.

Total Runs Scored 2008 Season:

White Sox: 779

Twins: 810

To me that stat at least somewhat wipes out the one true aspect that the White Sox do excellently i.e. hit the long ball.

I keep telling everyone that this isn't even close to a "purists" team. I much prefer any division-winning Sox team you can come up with: Of course, we can start with '05 (interesting to note how we didn't need to have the same kind of team as we now have to win it all!!!). Then, give me 2000, 1993 and 1983. Each team had the stuff to possibly go all the way. This version is the premier example of a one-and-done team no matter what K. Williams is smoking. That's assuming they get one win in Minnesota! I still think they will, but it's nauseating how they juggled their rotation to get Vazquez in the dome! Give me Danks instead! At least he'd go down with his last breath!

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