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Cold war?

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If there was a cold war that was going on between the White Sox and the Twins, it's over.
As for the fans?
"Well, I'm sure Sox fans still hate the Twins,'' manager Ozzie Guillen said.
But showing pure class after the 1-0 loss to the Sox in Tuesday's play-in game, Minnesota manager Ron Gardenhire came down to the Sox clubhouse, and waited outside for at least five minutes for Guillen - his friend - to come out so he can congratulate him.
Not that this practice was new, considering Guillen did the same in 2004 when the Twins won it.
Gardenhire kissed Guillen on the cheek, as they hugged, and Guillen whispered to him, ''If it would have happened a different way, you know I was coming down there ... you're my friend.''
Even former Twins catcher - present-day antagonist - A.J. Pierzynski had nothing but kind words for the Twins after the game.
Asked if beating the Twins made it even sweeter, Pierzynski said, "Everyone knows how much respect I have for that team, how much respect I have for that organization. They're not going anywhere. But next year is next year. This year is ours.''
As for the feud that was being hyped between Guillen and Twins pitcher Nick Blackburn, while Guillen wouldn't tip his hat for the outing Blackburn had last week, he said the right-hander earned his respect on Tuesday.
"To make this clear,'' Guillen said, "I tip my hat to Mr. Blackburn. [Tuesday] he should be proud of what he did. [The Twins] should be proud of what they did.''

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Let's go Dodgers!

Gardy is classy, I'll admit.

But......Ozzie has admired him always, and has said so repeatedly. If the Twins had done the unthinkable last night, Ozzie would have made the same gesture to Gardenhire.

But the Twins lost. NeauMore Justin. No more Sox-killer Kubel. No more Casilla, no more Sideburns, no more Punto, and no more Gomez, that little hot-headed prancing punk. Watching Thome's homerun fly a thousand feet above Gomez' head was pure joy.

Time for ya'll to go ice fishing.

Gomez a prancing punk? Any team that employs A.J. Pinheadzynski and Nick Whiffer shouldn't ever complain about the behavior of the opposing team. Oh, well. I sleep well at night knowing the White Sox gave us William Ligue, the ambassador emeritus for White Sux Nation. May he throw out the first pitch for the one playoff game at The Hell.

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