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A.J. vs. the 20-game winner

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CLEVELAND - Add Cliff Lee to the "I hate A.J. club,'' where the growing membership receives a middle finger from the White Sox catcher as a reward.
The Indians pitcher won his 20th game on Monday night, but he did so with some bad blood along the way.
Lee not only had several words for Pierzynski during the game, but stared into the Sox dugout on several occasions, including after recording the final out in the 5-0 win.
No stranger to being a lightening rod for controversy, Pierzynski would have loved nothing more than to explain the feud after the game, but was still scratching his head over it.
After singling in the first inning, Pierzynski popped out on a 3-2 pitch that he felt should have had better results. No stranger to showing emotion, the catcher threw his bat down and yelled "[bleep].''
Lee (20-2) took it as Pierzynski popping off, and just like that it was on.
"In the second at-bat he slammed his bat down and stared me down, I stared back,'' Lee said. "He was chirping in the dugout. It gave me a little extra energy. Actually, I appreciate him doing that.''
Pierzynski said he didn't say a thing to Lee the entire game.
"In my last at-bat, I hit a flyball and he was still looking at me,'' Pierzynski said. "So I don't know. I didn't say anything to him the whole game, so I don't know where that would have come from or what would have caused it, but he pitched a great game and deserves a lot of credit and congrats to him for winning 20 games.
"I was mad because I missed a 3-2 pitch [in that second at-bat] and popped up. It didn't mean anything toward him. You miss a pitch, you pop up against a guy that good, you can't miss pitches to hit. Oh well.''
Manager Ozzie Guillen - never one to pull punches - seemed put off by the entire situation, calling both players out loudly in the clubhouse by insisting that if Lee had such a problem he should have hit Pierzynski, and if Pierzynski had a problem with the hurler he should have just charged the mound.

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