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Update from Cowley

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Good news does come in threes. We had the baby last week, and I found out on Wednesday that the melanoma I was diagnosed with last month did not get into the lymph nodes, making me cancer free once again. Add to the fact that a certain highly over-rated columnist has taken his ball and gone home, well, the Cowley family is certainly blessed these days.

I'll be back to work on Monday in Cleveland, and looking forward to finishing the White Sox season out on a strong note. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.


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Glad to hear your doing well. That over-rated columnist (aka Jay "bad mullet" Marriotti) is probably the reason things are improving for everyone on the Sun-Times staff. Good riddenance to that blowhard. Keep up the good work Joe.

Congratulations. Great news for you and your family. As for Jay, I have have never seen so much glee over someone leaving a paper. I haven't read his trash for years anyway, but sometimes I could not help seeing a bit. I like the line where he called on Chicagoans to get out of their baseball, football rut and get some culture by watching the Olympics. Say what? I could only shake my head and wonder how the real journalists at the Times could stand it. The man was not happy unless he was calling someone a name or impugning their integrity. Enough. I don't want to even think of the man any longer. I'm happy for you and everyone at the Times.


Congrats on the baby and I am happy to hear you beat cancer. Write an article on it, these winning stories help keep everybody who continues to fight cancer more momentum.


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