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Fight club

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Actually these two teams had a history. In a June 4 Sox win, reliever Octavio Dotel hit Jose Guillen and Miguel Olivo. Two weeks ago at The Cell, Kansas City pitchers played target practice with Sox hitters all weekend long, including Jermaine Dye getting plunked on the knee by Horacio Ramirez and having to be helped off the field.
Reliever D.J. Carrasco was brought in to send a message back to Kansas City in that July 20 loss, but missed on an inside pitch to Billy Butler.
He didn't miss this time around, however, throwing inside to Olivo on back-to-back pitches with the game already out of reach thanks to dismal outing by Sox starter Clayton Richard. On the second one - which actually hit Olivo - the former Sox catcher hit the deck, stalled for a second and then went after Carrasco.
To A.J. Pierzynski's credit, he did his best to try and corral Olivo, no easy task. To this day, hitting coach Greg Walker describes Olivo as not only one of the strongest players the Sox have had, but the one with the quickest trigger.
Carrasco did throw a lazy noogie in Olivo's direction with Pierzynski restraining him, but of course Pierzynski was the only one that felt a little contact, as Olivo came over the top and hit the Sox catcher on the head with a wild haymaker.
Both Carrasco and Olivo were ejected, and manager Ozzie Guillen followed suit minutes later, as he got into a verbal jab session with umpires.

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The Royals are a bunch of punks! They almost ended Jermaine Dye's season a few weeks ago.

I wish Dye's season was ended, just like the south side of chicago the white sox are pieces of trash!

Real Classly Jake! I can not wait until the Cubs joke miserably in the playoffs then they will start looking for another excuse. Jake, you are a joke. You are the reason why other fans cheer against the Cubs. I would never wish anybody injury whether they are on the North or South side. Choke Choke North Side Piece of Thrash

@ Jake: Orlando!?! Is that you?

Jake do you happen to be a Cubs fan?
if that's so what about Wrigley which happens to be a piece of trash

anywho the fight is done with and we won't have to worry about it until we face the Royals again.

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