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So who goes?

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With team captain Paul Konerko ready to leave for Charlotte Friday afternoon to begin his rehab assignment, his projected return date is now finally set for Tuesday in Kansas City, barring any setbacks.

What that means for the Sox is Nick Swisher now has to move back to center, and a roster move is coming.
Yes, there were scouts in attendance to watch Juan Uribe get the start at shortstop in the 3-2 loss to the Oakland Athletics, but if the Sox are unable to make a move with Uribe before then, expect Wise or Brian Anderson to be sent packing to Charlotte.
“I mean I know they have been playing well here … they can win this whole weekend and then I play on Tuesday and we lose, everyone is going to be, ‘Oh, it’s because Konerko,’ ‘’ Konerko said Thursday. “But that question is almost not for me. It’s like listen, ‘I’m on the team, I got hurt, I worked to get back and if I’m back, hopefully they want me.’ That’s the question for [manager] Ozzie [Guillen]. What am I supposed to say? I mean I hope they want me back.’’
Guillen does.
“P.K. has been here long enough,’’ Guillen said. “He should know what he’s doing.’’
What won’t be easy for the Sox is who to send out? The bottom line is someone’s feelings are about to be hurt knowing that the record put up in Konerko’s absence was a team effort by all 25 guys.
“It’s going to be hard,’’ Guillen said. “We’re going to make a couple moves. I think right now we think about what decision we’re going to make when he’s coming back. We don’t have any decision yet. When that day comes, we should be prepared. But what decision we’re going to make, my center fielder obviously has got to be Swisher.
“Every time you make a decision when you’re going to lose a player when you’re playing well, it’s not easy. The decision, right or wrong, we got to make one.’’
The million-dollar question, who would you send out?
--Uribe, even if you can’t trade him?

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Sox must keep Wise. If Sox send him down they lose a decent bat & speed. Something most of club lacks is speed & Certainly not many .300 hitters on Sox. Uribe gives club nothing. He can't hit a lick & would be smart move to send him packing.Anderson another guy mention to be demoted at least has had some clutch hits of late. Uribe when he does play has come up with no positive results at plate.He may have a good attitude,but his attitude doesn't produce runs.

If someone has to go, what about Paulie? He has been a detriment to the Sox since 2005. If I had a dollar for every time Konerko has struck out or hit into a double play when the Sox need a hit, I could afford a garage full of BMWs. It seems like every year Paul Konerko waits until August to hit. We have to hope that this year he doesn't decide to wait until November to get his stroke back.

The Dodgers need some power and they have prospects to send to the Sox. Maybe they would send Brad Penny instead. I know there are other teams out that might want Konerko, so Kenny Williams should start looking. Getting rid of Paulie would be a case of addition by subtraction.

anderson...if konerko is coming back (we should trade him to free up money to sign crede and another pitcher), anderson is the odd man out. uribe would make sense, but the sox probably do not want only 1 backup infielder (ozuna). wise bats from the left and has more speed that can be utilized late in the game. sorry brian, you'll be back at some point later in the season. hopefully, after konerko is dealt.

I've been advocating dumping Uribe all year. Rocket arm, but he swings out of his shoes at the plate.

The day that I don't have to see Juan Uribe's absolutely ugly at bats in a Sox uniform will be one of rejoicing. However, some points made about Konerko have some teeth, especially when we consider that Swisher to center is not a very good defensive move. Konerko also contributes greatly to our consistently plodding appearance on the basepaths. I hate to say goodbye to the guy who, amongst some other achievements, hit one of the most thrilling homeruns for me--grand slam against 'Stros in '05 Series. Nevertheless, a trade to the Dodgers in which we get the "right" guy(s) for both Paulie and Uribe could be what the doctor ordered. The Dodgers are loaded with talent throughout its organization, have tons of money and could really use both guys today! (We'd also be unloading a huge salary with PK.)

By the way, I am sick and tired of getting beaten by Oakland consistently year in and year out. They are certainly a thorn in our side and it never matters how good or bad either team is! There are teams that beat the Oakland A's, it just never seems to be ours.

Send Uribe down to Charlotte if you cannot make a deal for him. A three way deal that would include Crede, Konerko and Uribe would be ideal. Bring up Fields, Elread and Getz. Crede looks like a loser when he comes up to bat. His confidence looks shattered.

Uribe showed again on Friday why he should be the odd guy out. He simply can't hit,period.Ramirez in my opinion a better fielder too.Have a feeling Ramirez would of caught pop base hit that Uribe couldn't get. Although Uribe's team mates hardly look great either offensively versus A's. Another pitcher with a large ERA looking like Cy Young versus Sox. I agree with one blogger ,Konerko may bring some value . Paulie has struggled for much of last couple of seasons when he has played. Quinten a all star, don't think so.He's had decent numbers but his average has been dropping last few weeks.Dye probably more deserving & AJ could get catcher pick.Sox be smart,keep Wise & tired of Uribe's lack of plate discipline.

Uribe,Uribe and Uribe. Why does Ozzie give this guy a chance. Check out his recent comments. I do not care if we are trying to trade this guy. The Sox owe Uribe absolutely nothing. The Sox have stood by this guy 100% during legal troubles or whatever.

The Sox record with Uribe in the lineup is terrible. Trade this guy for a new pine tar rag.

Moving Uribe wouldn't solve much short or medium term. The Sox are simply a better team without Paulie in the line up. As a team they are faster, more solid defensively and hit into fewer Dps (Paulie is a DP machine). Platoon Konerko and Thome at DH until Kenny can move one or both of them. They're WWI battleships in an aircraft carrier era.

Another possibility for the Sox could be Konerko and Anderson to the Giants for Rowand and another player or two. It would help the defense daily in center field and add a player who will give a strong effort every day.
I know the White Sox are in first place, but their lack of team speed on the bases does not make it any easier to make a run(?) at the World Series. I think we ought to call Thome and Konerko the "Cholesterol Brothers" because of the way they clog the bases on those rare occasions they find their way on base

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