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Cowley Confidence Rating

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DETROIT - Yes, the White Sox stole a huge game on Friday night, but not without some serious question marks heading into Game 2 against the Tigers on Saturday. Specifically, with the bullpen.
So with Scott Linebrink likely headed to the 15-day disabled list and Matt Thornton fighting through back stiffness, here's a list of my confidence rating with the current cast of relievers.
1. Bobby Jenks - The man-child is healthy and looked dominant in the ninth.
2. D.J. Carrasco - Has been one of the biggest surprises of the season, behind rookie second baseman Alexei Ramirez.
3. Octavio Dotel - Has had a few stumbles, but brings a swagger to the eighth inning.
4. Matt Thornton - Even with a bad back, I trust Thornton.
5. Nick Masset - He's a mop-up guy at best right now.
6. Boone Logan - Took a step on Friday night, but has a lot to prove after a disastrous three-week showing.
7. Scott Linebrink - When healthy, he's No. 2. However, he's not healthy. So it might be time for Ehren Wassermann again, or a sleeper in Class AA Birmingham reliever Jon Link (5-1, 1.77 ERA).

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Please TRADE Jermaine Dye now before its too late. He is a mess in the clubhouse,---NO SOX PLAYER LIKES HIM---He is a distration!!!

Trade him now and get somthing good for him.he is an embarasment to the city!

Life-long SOX fan

Roster Evaluation:

Joe I have been reading your columns for quite some time. I appreciate your honest, fair, and candid approach. So I digress to share my thoughts on the Sox Roster/Future.

1. Playoffs? - I live and die for the Sox but I also want to be candid. Will the Sox make the playoffs? If they continue to put Konerko out there, pitch Contreras or a guy from the Minors (Richard) and keep their bullpen as is. They WILL NOT make the playoffs. I hate to say that but it is my observation.

2. Trades? - Kenny has done an amazing job. I love what he has done with this team and anyone who doesnt recognize this reality is just not being fair. But now here we are in the middle of a penant race and will a trade happen? I dont think there is ANY CHANCE a trade will happen for a front line starter and bullpen help. As a result of not doing anything we will not win this division. It is very sad to think because of inactiviy we wont make it.


1b - Konerko - I love Paulie but he is killing this team, cant hit, field is nominal at best, cant run, and is just too depressing.

2b Ramirez - Amazing move by Williams. What doesnt this guy do well? Great attitude, speed, power, fielding etc..

SS Cabrera - Irritating at times but he loves to win. Last nights steal at Detroit was huge (tied the game). Makes mental mistakes but he brings alot to the table.

3b - Crede - When healthy, amazing clutch hitter and fielder. The other option is fields who cant field a lick. Uribe has shown good signs at third.

Left Field - Quention - MVP- Enough Said

Center Field - Swisher, versatile with fielding, walks alot, clutch hitting, would like average to be higher but his attitude is so great he bring so much to the team.

Right Field - Dye -Co-MVP - Imagine we almost lost this guy! Last nights home run, enough said.

Catcher - AJ - Solid consistent, battles - Stabilizes team.

DH - Thome - Im am so glad he really has turned it around. Not going to look at the past but the present. He brings a good veteren presence at the plate.

Starting Staff.

Buerhle - Stud, Solid, ACE
Floyd - Shaky, Impressive Stuff, Hangs in ther
Danks- Amazing turnaround, Fighter
Vazquez - Head Case, Jekyl and Hyde. Which will show up?
Contreras - Bust, Dead if pitched will ruin this season

Middle Relief:
Linebrink - Amazing Pitcher, Pure Pitcher
Dotel - All fight and attitude
Logan - Head Case at times, Undependable
Thornton - Astonishing turn around, nasty stuff
Masset - Who Knows..
Carrasco - Surprising Many


Bobby: When Healthy - one of the best

Ozzie - Loves to win, Love that
Cora - No Clue
Baines - Who Knows
Cooper - a Magician
Walker - Their hitting great, maybe he deserves credit
Cox - Much more aggressive on the path..most times it has worked.

General Manager:

Williams - An amazing GM. He stuns me, but he wont make a trade and it will cause us to miss the playoffs.


Headline : Sox miss playoffs Williams couldnt pull the trigger, Bittersweet Sad Season.

You know, i agree. Dye has brought disgrace to our city and he should go. All sox fans should demand this. Also, Thome is OLD and USELESS!!!!

Please beforeits too late!!!

I am a displaced Sox fan living on the East Coast so I have to get all of my news about the team online. From everything I have seen and heard JD is a team leader and obviously a huge part of the team's success this year both offensively and defensively. Am I missing information about his personality or character that you have access to? I am curious to know what you are basing your comment on. Certainly it can't be based on the incident with OC in the dugout? From what I have seen and heard I would hardly consider that incident from being indicative of JD's character. What have you heard to substantiate your comment?

Die-Hard Sox Fan

Are you guys smoking crack? JD is one the best players for the Sox right now. He's definitely MVP material. As for being a disgrace to the city, on what information are you basing your statement? JD handles himself with grace and aplomb.

So, Paul Redding and jeremy, you have info on JD that shows that not only is he hated by the entire team, but he is a disgrace to the city as well. We wouldn't want you to prove anything, so just keep spewing your idiotic crap. But how about doing it some place where the rest of us don't have to see it? Go join the mariotti club and say things that show you to be the morons you are proving yourselves to be. You'll fit in with him.

Time to show Konerko the door. His attitude is unbelievably negative. Feeling sorry for youself Paulie?


I was just reading how it is going to be difficult for a trade to transpire. I fully realize Sox fans are going to be freaking out and slamming Kenny. But lets take a step back and be little fair.

Williams Grade thus far: A.

This is an EASY A grade. How can you not come to this conclusion. Everywhere you look he has done magic, it is one thing to just throw money around (Hendry) but quite another when you have to be creative because your intial plan didnt pan out (Hunter, Fukodome, Rowand). In retrospect im glad we dont have any of thoe guys. So lets look at the roster and see what Williams has done.

1. Konerko - Trade with Cameron. This is a wash, 2005 great 2008 bad.

2. Ramirez - Are you kidding me, paying him nothing for rookie of the year and our starting SS next year.

3. Cabrerea - Great trade done miss Garland because of Floyd/Danks.

4. Crede- Farm System. Doesnt Count.

5. Quentin - MVP- Paying nothing- Maybe trade of the decade.

6. Swisher - 2 Minor League guys for tons of versatility, power, great attitude

7. Dye - great signing initially and then again last year

8. AJ- Signed him when SF said he was a bum.

9. Thome - In my opinion a bad trade cost the division in 2006

Buerhle - Hometown discount, farm system
Vazquez - Even trade with Arizona
Floyd - Garcia is done and Flyod is shining
Danks - Mccarthy is limping home and Danks is strong
Contreras - Stud in 2005..Dog Since - Wash we gave them Loaiza

Linebrink- Great FA signing
Dotel - Great FA signing
Logan - Farm System
Thornton - Stole him from Seatle
Carrasco- not sure how we got him.
Masset - part of Mccarthy trade

Jenks- Angels didnt want him, so we stole him.

Now look at this roster. Almost ALL of it IS BECAUSE Kenny is creative and an aggressive GM.

Willaims Grade without a TRADE: A

We have to trust this guy eventually and realize he is an amazing and agressive GM. If he says there is no trade out there that makes sense, lets TRUST HIM! You ask why? Look at this roster, look at the fact their in first and look at his past track record. He LOVES to make deals when they make sense.

People be fair and think intelligently. Dont just slam him to slam him

Any White Sox fan who thinks that Jermaine Dye ought to be traded really should consider switching sides and going over to the North side. Without Dye - we would have according to my calculations at least 8 less wins - which would put us in third place. Trade way. For those who wish to - wake up - make a pot of coffee - and sober up.

I agree with Rockford Rock. Dye has been clutch for Sox .Can't say that about Swisher or Konerko to name two. KW certainly needs to find a starter. Contreras when healthy was getting lit up & Vazquez again today look like he was throwing bp to Tigers. Sox if they reach playoffs will get knock out early with gas cans like Contreras & Vazquez pitching. Swisher should be playing first base & Wise in center gives sox best chance on winning.Swish not a good outfielder & his bat not exactly great either. But a better option than Paulie at first.Really tired of Paulie's act. Going on most of last two seasons. He's made huge money for a guy barely batting above Mendoza line.

Dear Ozzie, please get Swisher out of centerfield. After the way he misplayed a fly ball on Sunday, something a little leaguer learns not to do, he has to be at first base in a platoon situation with Paulie. You have two outstanding defensive center fielders in Anderson and Wise riding the pine and coming in late in the game to play defense and pinch run. Come on Ozzie, platoon these two in center. You also need to be quicker with the hook for the starters. You definitely want to stay too long at the dance with your veteran starters because you don't want to offend a veteran player. Hey Ozzie, lest you forget this about Ws and Ls and that is the bottom line. I'll write to you again soon Ozzie when you tick me and my 94 year old dad off once again!

Rob --

Explain to me how Konerko for Cameron was a "wash."

For that matter, how was Loaiza for Jose C. a "wash"

We can all be bitter by Paulie's performance this year, but the man has been a steady force in the middle of the lineup for years.

Aside from 2003, Konerko has been one of the better hitting first basemen in the league, and has grown as a defensive player. He is also a leader in the clubhouse.?

Cameron? Great glove, some speed, but he strikes out too much and has never demonstrated Paulie's ability to hit for average or power.

People complain about Paulie last season? That would have been a near-career year at the plate for Cameron.

That's a major reason why he has been a journeyman.

As far as Jose and Loaiza, Estaban has done nothing since he left the team, let alone help lead them to a World Series.

Loaiza was off the Yankees soon after he was moved.

That, and Jose's solid 2005 makes the deal a great one for the Sox.

IDC...Excellent Points on Paulie and Contreras.

in reality you strengthen my point, that Kenny Williams has done an excellent job.

I was trying to be conservative in my estimate so that no one could walk away deeming that Kenny Williams has done a lousy job. To your point if you say Contreras and Konerko were trades that were on the plus side. Then it is even more obvious that he (Williams) has done an amazing job.

After the last two games in Minnesota, I am hoping he does his magic again. Because to pin our hopes on Contreras to me is very risky.

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