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Clock is ticking

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Esteban Loaiza had another throwing session on Wednesday, and the results are still not there for the right-handed veteran.

That leaves one more look in Texas this weekend and then decision time on his future with the organization.
“He’s going to throw another outing in Texas and we’ll see what he’s doing,’’ manager Ozzie Guillen said. “We should have a decision [in Texas] for the club and for him. That’s [GM Kenny Williams’] decision. I don’t want to put him on the spot, but he’ll decide what we will do with him.’’
Loaiza was signed last month, with the hope of adding a veteran presence and eat up some innings out of the bullpen, but wasn’t exactly forthright with the club on how much he had been throwing since he was released from the Dodgers.
Pitching coach Don Cooper has made him his pet project the last few weeks, as they try and rectify the pitcher’s career.
“Loaiza right now, his velocity is not where it needs to be, but we’re trying to climb it back up,’’ Cooper said. “It will never be where it was, that’s a fact. He threw [Wednesday] and he’ll throw again on Saturday on the side. What we’re talking about is some delivery stuff that will help him get over the ball and make less mistakes, because his stuff isn’t the same anymore. He’s going to have to re-invent himself. We’re going to have to focus on his main assets, which is movement, experience and hopefully the location.’’

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I doubt Loaiza is the answer. The White Sox will probably have to deal for a pitcher. I think they need someone to give their five starters a breather once in a while later this year. Danks and Floyd are young guys who haven't pitched a lot of innings in the past. We saw what happens with that in 2006.


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