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AL Central Watch: July 11

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Here's a quick glance at what's happening around the American League Central.

Major League Baseball insists there is no conspiracy, but once again, the Tigers will emerge from the All-Star break a day earlier than most — including the White Sox and Twins. ‘‘That doesn't make sense to me,’’ Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. ‘‘We should all [have four-day breaks] or nobody should and you can quote me in big, bold print. I want everyone to write it and put it all over the airwaves. It's a joke. It's garbage. Silly is what it is.’’ Meanwhile, it's looking likely that for the second consecutive year, the Tigers will not make a significant acquisition before the July 31 non-waivers trade deadline. ‘‘Right now, we feel pretty good,’’ general manager Dave Dombrowski said.

After his 5-for-5 performance, Twins first baseman Justin Morneau is putting together another MVP-caliber season, writes Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Meanwhile, fellow Star Tribune columnist Jim Souhan stresses how smart the small-market Twins were for locking up closer Joe Nathan before the season.

In the wake of the CC Sabathia trade, Indians manager Eric Wedge held a team meeting. His message was murky. ‘‘I don't think anything else is going to happen, but it might,’’ Wedge said. ‘‘I can't let [possible future trades] hang over us. I understand, because it was CC, but now that's done and we have to play baseball.’’

Check back later for updates.

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Reluctantly, I have to say that Kenny should make a deal with either the Dodgers or Diamondbacks for Paulie in exchange for another quality starter to replace Jose. Swish can hold his own at first. He has no business playing center when you have Brian or Wise available. You wouldn't see balls hit over their heads on a repeated basis as you did a couple of nights ago with Swish in center. In my humble opinion, Paulie and Jose are the weak links in the chain that will prevent the Sox from getting to and going far in the post season. I'm ready to take the fire that is sure to come.

White Sox will aain CHOKE under the pressure of Minnesota because Ozzie is an ignorant manager

He is an embarasment to the city of Chicago!

Will to White Sox ever draw more than 17,000 a game again? What would you do with all of those EMPTY thousands of seats every night??

Oh, I get it. NO one cares about them. The White Sox do not exist in this city? So why dont they leave???

Sox fans need to realize that Paulie is not getting traded this year. He has a no trade clause due to being a 5 & 10 player. Even if another team wanted Paulie (and I doubt there are any right now), he would have to appove the trade which no player does unless they get a raise or a contract extension. No GM in their right minds would do that for Paulie. Face it, the Sox are stuck with him probably through the end of his contract. We just have to hope he can start hitting his weight, or that Guillen will platoon him with Thome and open up first base for Swisher. Right now the Sox are a better team with Swish at first and Anderson/Wise in center.

I agree with Viera partially . Sox look better & are with Wise in center. Swisher whom comes off like a good guy,but not very clutch. Id keep Paulie & trade Swisher . Wise has proved he can hit & field his position.Would be easier to deal Swisher due to Paulie's contract anyhow.Swisher came up again tonight with sacks loaded & did his usual ( out).Uribe another guy I would deal or give away. Probably only reason Sox kept him is because of his contract 4.5 mil a year. KW wasn't very bright in resigning Uribe knowing his lack of fundamentals especially offensively. I still can't get over losing Ozuna over Uribe!

After watching Sunday's game when everybody hit except Paulie & the bat boy its time Konerko get it together. He pretty much lost game for sox leaving 9 on plus made a key error to top it off. He went 4 for 4 night before but now went back to not being smart at the plate. Paulie makes too much money to play crappy baseball this long.Love to see him turn it around but he doesn't show he can do it on a regular basis. Of course sox pitching is a concern too. Especially the starters other than Danks are not pitching well right now. Getting 22 hits, score 11 runs & still lose! Thanks Paulie & Jose C. Something has to change or sox will be a quick exit should they reach playoffs.

Trade Swisher Joe H ? Sure he has not been very consistent with the bat but you try playing 2 postions and being moved up and down like an esclator in the lineup.

I would like to see Swisher and a few of the other hitters begin using the entire field to hit. I like when Swish is at 1st because sure Swish is not an Olympic Sprinter but he has more foot speed then Faulie. This is my new name for Paulie.

Yes, I am eating crow at this point because I thought the Sox would be terrible but they are not. My point is that since you are in 1st place at the All Star break then go out and finish the job. Play Swish at 1st, get another lefthanded bat and get another arm.

So to Brian, Juan and Joe who I had numerous battles with, you were right about the Sox. Go Sox and bring it home!

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