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Uribe’s future in doubt … again?

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LOS ANGELES – The future is once again looking bleak for infielder Juan Uribe. Then again, even Jason had to eventually die.

With two more hits from DeWayne Wise on his first two at-bats on Tuesday, as well as the news that Paul Konerko is on schedule to come off the 15-day disabled list, Uribe could be the odd-man out.
Manager Ozzie Guillen was discussing the difficulty of getting equal playing time to both Pablo Ozuna and Uribe, and said this: “It’s kind of hard for both. I wish I could play them more in the lineup. Ozuna, he gives me a lot of stuff. Obviously, if that decision had to be made tomorrow it would be a tough decision to make. They’re not going to see too many at-bats. We sat down with Uribe and I explained to him the situation and he took it like a champ, and I appreciate the way he took it.
“I mean it’s not easy when you’re going to be a free agent, sit on the bench and lose your job and take it the way he’s taking it. Work hard, pinch hit when he has to pinch hit, not complain, but on the other side, I love this kid. I really love Uribe. We’re going to try to do the best we can to have better stuff for him – maybe here or somewhere else. I’m not going to say somewhere else because I’m not making the move, but I’m trying to find playing time here. That’s why I might play him at third base a little bit.’’
The one point Guillen did stress is that when Konerko is ready to return – which seems soon since he was already taking dry swings on Tuesday afternoon - the team will stay with 12 pitchers.
“For me pitching is the most important,’’ Guillen said. “The way we’re going, I don’t want to break anything up down there. I don’t think it will be a pitching spot.’’
It doesn’t sound like it would be Wise, either.
“Oooh, I don’t know,’’ he added, when asked if Wise was the odd man out. “I love the way this kid is playing, I do. He can bring a lot of stuff. He brings good speed, good defense in the outfield, he gives me good at-bats. He gives me a chance to do a lot of things.’’

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Uribe is a selfish home run swinging totally undisciplined batter!Trade him for minor leaguers.

Uribe must show he can hit which he hasn't done in last couple of years. Both Ozuna & Wise have allot more upside than Uribe.I would even trade Konerko if that miracle came about. Tired of his injuries & lack of production .Sox a much better team minus Paulie at this time anyhow.Although with Swisher's circus act at first in last nights game you gotta like Konerko's defense.

Ok, I know I will get blasted for writing this, but are the Sox better without Konerko? I think so. Their line up is better and "Swish" is playing a great first base.

No-one is talking about it or writing about it because it's Konerko, but it's so obvious.

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