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Ozzie really being Ozzie

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - Ozzie on the offense after the Sunday loss … vintage Guillen. Earmuffs kids.

“There’s only one message I’m going to send. That’s all I’m going to talk. Just be ready because I expect movement Tuesday. I expect Kenny to do something Tuesday, and if we don’t do anything Tuesday, there are going to be a lot of lineup changes. That’s all I’m going to say about the offense.
“It can be me. It can be [hitting coach] Greg Walker. It can be the players. It could be anybody. I’m sick and tired to watch this thing for a year and a half. I’m not protecting anybody anymore. [Bleep] it! If they can’t get it done, Kenny should find someone to get it done. That’s it.
“Another bad game. If we think we are going to win with the offense we have, we are full of [bleep]. I’m just being honest. I expect better from them, if they are in the lineup.’’

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I've been writing in blogs for awhile calling for Walker to be fired.He's not the total problem but is certainly not the answer to fix it.He's had a couple years to fix or make improvements .Certainly things have not improved. Why have a hitting coach if he doesn't make a difference? Thats my answer to Walker fans. Swisher has had about one third of season to get it together. Sox can't afford to keep a Mendoza hitter in Swisher. Send his act out of town.Sox have too many Mendozas on team as it is. Konerko & Thome both getting old ,both playing like it. Tuesday I expect a change.IF GM Williams is content with his lousy offense maybe he should be first to get fired. Hey Williams its been nearly two years of this crap!Do something or quit!Behind Ozzie 100% on his feelings.

I'm behind Ozzie 100%.Sometimes he blows up but in this case & many other cases in past he has good reasons. GM Williams can first look in mirror for problem. He's the one who made deal for Cabrera & Swisher among other not so smart deals. I would give Walker his walking papers . Can't blame hitting coach entirely but he has done nothing to improve offense. Swisher can pack his bags too he won't improve. Cabrera has improved a little but not worth a proven starter.Konerko,Thome,Dye & Crede don't hit smart with men on as most of club stinks on (exception Quinten). No excuses to continue to fail with men in scoring position. Dye & Crede certainly a higher average but not very clutch.On Tuesday hope for a new hitting coach & Swisher wearing street clothes at game time for starters. If GM Williams can't deal with Ozzie ,then Williams should step down.Ozzie just wants to win & his players play game right. IF GM can't understand that ,then get the heck out of Chi Williams!

I do not kbow why anyone is surprised about Swisher. Multiple position players are historically players not good enough to be an everydaystarter at one position. Also the only good year swisher had, 2006, he batted in front of Frank Thomas in Oakland. That will make anybody a good hitter.

Seeing as we traded Rowand for Thome to get rid of Frank. Seeing as a banged up Frank is 10X the clutch hitter than Thome and Rowand, sinced leaving the Sox is batting 300+ with HRs and RBI etc, I consider that the worst trade of KW's regime. (This year Rowand in SF and Frank in OAK have no protection in lineup making there production even better). For all the Frank detractors who point out he is on DL, he did that stretching a single into double. Thome and Konerko wouldn't have to worry about that as they are slow enough to 'unstretch' a double into a single.

Finally, if no one is going to hit anyways lets take our 'chances' with Anderson and his defense in CF.

I say, Lets get some home cooking and if that doesn't work then make some changes. Maybe, Jerry Owens at lead off "OC" in the 2 hole and Anderson gets traded for some young talent.

The Thome trade is bad because of Thomas? There was no way Williams was keeping Thomas, Thome or no Thome. So what if Thomas went down trying to stretch a single into a double? He's not exactly a speedster either. Thomas is a whiner who now has been dumped by two teams because of his attitude. He isn't the answer to this team's troubles.

Ozzie is 100% is a sick offense that all year ,so far and most of last that with runners in scoring position the Sox are failing time after time to drive them home. The pitching is great and it cannot hold up with-out run support..Konerko and Thome are the big rally killers . Game after game. Pop up, strike out or ground ball Paulie. And a big problem NOW (nobody , no team wants either of them) Konerko could have been traded before he became a 5 and 10 player in May. Bring up Eldred and Owens possibly , at least give them a whirl. Eldred "big Power. Konerko and Thome need to alternate at DH at least for a while.
The two slow trodders are detrimental to the line-up. And Mariotti your vendetta against Ozzie continues to show with the crap you threw at him in todays column. You will never change. As Frank Thomas told me "you are not a good man" and I said yes he is a "dog of a human"

Ozzie blew the game on Sunday! Pure and simple. To have the winning run on third in the top of the ninth and send Swisher to the plate was a major brain cramp on Ozzie's part. He has the RBI leader, Carlos Quentin, on the bench and he doesn't pinch hit him for Swisher? Plaease! Maybe Quentin would have gotten an intentional walk. Make the other team make that decision. But for goodness sake, don't EVER send Swisher, the way that he is hitting now, to the plate in that situation. End of story!

Ozzie is placing the blame where it needs to be.On the players,coaches,and the G.M.It seemed pretty obvious to me Ozzie wanted more versatility with the roster this season and didn't get it so now he's going public.This team has not hit since the first half of the '06 season,so it's more like two years.Greg Walker should not have been back this year so put that one on Ozzie.The worst of it is that the manager can't call out the G.M publicly,especially one as egocentric as Williams who seems to care more about posturing and barking than listening to Ozzie and actually building a winner.The last time I remember Ozzie downing the roster was in '04 when the Sox "Led the world in solo homers",Kenny rightfully filled the '05 roster with the type of players Ozzie wanted and we all know what happened then.

Here we go again...Doesnt it ever get old and boring to you guys. I mean he couldnt be anymore HYPOCRITICAL...3 weeks ago he is blasting the media and the fans for not being true to his team and blasting the Cubs for simply being a much better club. Then, a week ago, following Orlando Cabrera's whiny tirade, he states that he was the most supportive manager you could find. Then five days after that he is calling out his own manager and boss...His antics are washed up and everytime a situation seems overwhelming to him he unleashes a swear-laced outburst that only makes him and his organization look even more like a joke to the rest of the MLB.

As far as everyone lovin KW for his Quentin and Floyd deals, lets not forget the absolute definition of a busted deal for Swisher who will be batting under .200 prolly by the end of the week for Sweeney who is batting nearly .300 over in OAK. Combine that with the fact that he just flatout missed on hometown fav Rowand, instant cult superstar/best RF in the game Fukudome, and Torii Hunter. O ya, and Cabrera is really workin out...Not only is he not showing the 'leadership' he was supposed to by complaining about his own mistakes, but he also isnt hitting a lick, meanwhile Garland is doing what he always does, winning games for LA.

This team has already lost out on its chance to deal Konerko for any sort of value, Swish is a bust and cant even hit the ball out in one of the easiest homerun parks in the game, Thome is always good for a bloop single with two outs and no one on base, meanwhile just keep waiting on the back of those baseball cards because if the sox cant win this division which is practically trying to handfeed itself to them then its a damn shame and quite embarassing.

And I dont get why sox fans keep whining about how the Cubs 'bought a team' In case you guys dont realize, the sox have a higher payroll than the Cubs. Not to mention we have homegrown studs such as Theriot, Soto, Marmol, Zambrano, Wood, Wuertz, Cedeno, Hoffpauier, and Lee and Aramis have been with the Cubs now for about 5 years so its not like we just picked them up this year for one shot at a ring. Just stop hating, take a step back, and enjoy CHICAGO'S TEAM as they continue to dominate, just like the dominated the sox 5 out of 6 last year.

Crede is fine; Thome, Konerko, and Swisher are the problems. Trading them will be difficult because of the salary and the lack of production.

In essence there is no value there to trade for someone good. So what ends up happing is we try to trade for minor leaguers who have potential but not many clubs are willing to mortgage their future for players today. Brian Anderson would not fetch much on the open market. He had his chance last year and has been a fill in player this year. No club is going to give much for that type of player.

Are best option right now is to bring Owens up to help fill the leadoff spot and give him his shot. Sit Swisher and see if that gives us a spark.

It is time for Kenny to wake up. I am still in shock with his move sending down a player who hit 25 home runs and his lame remarks about having what "he needs".

Does it not bother anyone out there that the .217 hitting Sox probably only have two guys on the roster that know how to bunt? Can Thome be coached to hit to left? The Sox have been hitting like crap for many, many months going back to 2006.

I like Walker and Thome,I think they are both first class guys. That being said you are paid to perform and neither is. Walker is the hitting coach and for two years the Sox players are not hitting. We can't sacrifice bunt to save our lives and our clutch hitting is non existant. Thome your only job is to hit( no other responsibilities)and you are not performing. What's most disturbing is that you can hit a fastball that is in the high 80's let alone one in the 90's. I'm sorry to say it but both need to go.

I guess I will defend Kenny a little. Free agency has always been a crap shoot at best. Yes, he missed with Swisher and Cabrera but hit with Quentin, Floyd, Danks. Less we forget in spite of all of this the team is still in first place.


Yes I was sick yesterday over the past 2 games (as there have been a dozen or so of the same this season ) Ozzie is exactly right he is tired of it as I am and many fans. Sox shold have a 5-6 game lead . Now on thin ice with 1 game lead. Hopefully Twins lose tonight and Sox can win 2 or maybe sweep Royals. (they have some good pitching) so do not take them lightly. Mariotti loves to badger on Ozzie (that is where his brain stays on Ozzie and all bad and negative about all Chicago teams and players) hardly ever a good feel column. Negative is Jayphew's MO !

I cringed in 2004 when the White Sox went cheap and hired an inexperienced clown who was a pain when his career was winding down as a player!!!

So I am very happy today that it looks like he will get the boot this week!

Yes throwing your idiot boss under the bus was the last staw but he sould be fired for a lot of reasons.

This year for me it goes back to the 0-6 road trip (no not becauce of the blow up doll incident that apparently only upset Carol Slezak!)but when he stubbornly kept his lame over the hill line up in place hoping they would come around.

If we are fortunate enough to have witnessed his last game Ozzie will be remembered as the moron who stuck with Swisher and didn’t bat CQ with two out in the tenth and the go ahead run at third. Who doesn’t make that call???

Its unfortunate that Williams won’t go as well. Oh yeah Quentin was a great pick up. But come on even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while. The OC/ Garland trade a bust. There is no way he stays on after this season. Plus we already had signed Uribe for Christ sakes!! Williams and the Sox frugality is also showing in not signing Tori Hunter or not agreeing to a 5th year for Rowland. Arron Rowland for Christ sakes!!!

In a season that no one thought we would do anything we are getting incredible pitching and we are WASTING games when our biggest rivals are asleep at the wheel!!

Here is what I would tell the new Sox manager (most likely Joey Cora) to do and fast.

Make Brain Anderson the starting center fielder.
Start Uribe until he screws up. He’s frustrating but he can get hot for a week or two.
Thome, Konerko and Swisher get playing time as a DH or at first depending on whose pitching. Somebody will have to sit tough luck!!

After buying season tickets for years I made a decision to watch this season from a bar stool. You could see that this year was just putting lipstick on last years pig! But with Ozzie gone and some quick changes they have a shot if the pitching holds and the Indians and Tigers still have their problems. If they miss the playoffs by 2-3 games look no further than April and May when Ozziie was at the helm.

When the Sox were here in San Francisco last month I went to the first two games early to watch them take batting practice. It was pitiful. The BP is throwing up cookies to the Sox and (I am not making this up) at least one of every five pitches was popped-up. No one was trying to hit line drives to the opposite field. No one tried a bunt....They were all obviously trying to hit home runs and in two days I saw very few reach the stands.

I firmly believe that's the problem. For some reason everyone is trying for the long ball. Sure last year and so far this year, they lead the AL in homeruns. Big deal. Hits with runners in scoring position is one hell of a lot more important. I also have never seen a team hit so many balls caught at the wall.

Sooooo, who is to blame. Greg Walker, of course (with Ozzie's OK) is one of the culprits. But I think the real culprit is Ed Farmer....!!!!! My God, how many times have you heard him say: "He could go yard"; "A long one would tie it up"; "We need a home run here"; "One swing and we get three"; and on and on and on. I counted one game last week where he invoked the home run gods at least 11 times during a game.

Ed Farmer has brainwashed our White Sox...................and that, my friends, is the reason for the Sox hitting woes.....end of story........!!!!

Cubs dominate nothing other than mediocre NL teams, and only when they are at home. Call me when you win something.

Cubs dominate mediocre NL teams??????

Im pretty sure they dominated pathetic AL teams as well (in case you forgot 5 of 6 vs the pitiful whitesox last year and won 8 of their 12 interleague games against the 'superior' AL...not to mention a 3 game SWEEP of the number one team in the MLB at the time, the DBACKS, a SWEEP of the NY Mets, a sweep of the Dodgers, and a 4 game SWEEP of the defending NL champs, not to mention the fact that we have not lost more than two games straight all season...

Win something??? we went from worst record in the NL to division champs in one year...and now like a REAL franchise does, we are building on that success... We found our few flaws and we answered them as Hendry always does and will continue to do as the stretch grows near...unlike a fluke season from a sad franchise like 2005 where the sox barely made the playoffs and got hot at the right time(ill give em that much) but where were they the year before 05 and previous years...they were nowhere...where were they in 2006 and 07...they were right back to nowhere...that is the definition of a fluke. You should just thank god every waking morning for the fluke of 05 because that is going to have to get you through god knows how long of futility as your team continues to head towards mediocrity with its aging washups and lack of quality leadership. Just keep livin in the past while the Cubs keep beating up on everyone.

PS-Its gotta be painful to watch Zambrano who is not only the best pitcher in the city but would easily bat cleanup in your pisspoor lineup...ouch

Thank you Ozzie. Watching this mess of an offense for nearly 2 years now is maddening. What's been even more maddening has been listening to the excuses that Ken Williams, Ozzie and the announcers have made for these guys.

Lets NEVER forget many of these guys one a World Series for us but I'm afraid their time is over.

Konerko, Thome and Dye are all just about done. Dye has decent avg. but his power and RBI's are way too low for a $10 mil. a year guy.

Swisher never has hit for a decent avg. plus he can't run. Crede has been OK but he can't run, he can't bunt, he can't advance runners. They have to be, without a doubt, one of the slowest lineups in the history of baseball. If they don't homer, they don't score. And as these guys get older, the homers are coming less and less.

I'd MUCH rather see a struggling Owens (at least he can bunt and run)than Konerko, Thome, Swisher, or Uribe in the lineup. It's time to play the young guys. I MUCH rather see us go down with a young group than a nearly $100 million lineup that is lucky to score 3 runs a game.

I understand ozzie's anger he has to do something to get his team fired up they act like their not in first place.I can't believe Mariotti FIRE him how do you fire a first place manager that was telling the truth

Mike F.: from your writings, it appears you are writing from a bar stool too. When a manager gives a guy the day off, he usually doesn't go to him later and say "I changed my mind, go up there and hit". He likely stays with the guy who is supposed to be mentally into the game, not the unprepared guy who thought he had the day off.

Also, you and the other morons need to stop with the KW bashing when it comes to Hunter. The Sox made an excellent $75 million offer and thought they were set. The other teams that bid on Hunter were in the same ballpark. The Angels came in at the last minute with their $90 million deal and He couldn't turn them down. So the fact that Williams did everything correctly but was outbid by a team that was desperate and willing to overpay makes KW the bad guy? He also went after a major talent at shortstop after Sox fans were having fits about the shortstop they had. He was supposed to know that Cabrera was going to be a problem in the clubhouse and on the field? Williams knows his job and hasn't been afraid to pull the trigger on deals in the attempt to make his team better. That not every deal has been a total smash hit is not a reason to pound the guy.

If you want to second guess the guy, at least do some homework. Your suggestion is to play Uribe at short? Brilliant, just brilliant. You'll be complaining about him in a month. Haven't Konerko, Thome, and Swisher pretty much been the 1st basemen and DH? And learn the player's names and how to spell them. Tori Hunter, Arron Rowland, Ozziie, and Brain Anderson? Next time, when you sit on that bar stool, look at a newspaper or ask someone with a brain (or a brian) how to spell.

Guillen is a childish egomaniac. He can't go a month without being"the story".

Can you put us out of our misery, Sun Times? Fire Jay Mariotti.

Hurray for Ozzie! Tell it like it is. A team can not just sit on it's hands & do nothing when it's amongst the leaders in MOB (men on base)& LOB (left on base).

When they DA Wise for Uribe, Williams sent Oz a mention that speed's unimportant. Oz now has delivered his response.

Owens is not going to struggle any worse than Swisher. That's clearly the message Oz is trying to send.

Swisher is clearly struggling under Walker.
Owens thrived in the 2nd half of 2007 under him. He had more hits in Aug&Sept than both Koney & Thome.

Make room for Owens. Either go short-handed in the pen or send one of Swish/Alexei/Ozuna down. I vote for Ozuna because Uribe can play 3B. Ozuna offers nothing more than Alexei.

Moronitti's put himself on an island in his column. Just about everyone else agreed or sympathized with Ozzie.

It should be obvious that Moronitti has outlived his usefullness to the ST.

Hey Cubbie Keith. The only association one can make when using the word "dominate" and "Cubs" in an argument is the World Series. Your Cubs dominate the MLB in the most consecutive years without winning a World Series. Let's see that's a 100 year domination right? But wait. This is your year right? Just like '03 was your year until Bartman ruined it for you. Or in '84 when you came up short. Who could forget Ernie Banks and the heal-clicking Ron Santo "the Cubs will shine in '69!" Need I say more?

I'll take a fluke in '05 over a 100 years of failure to raise a WS flag in the friendly confines. So keep drinking your Cubbie blue kool aid as you savor your "dominance" in the NL. Come October, you won't be singing "take me out to the ball game". No, you'll be singing, "Wait till next year". Or better yet, "next century".

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